First Look at the Fossil Q Marshal Smart Watch

Fossil, just released their newest smartwatch called the Fossil Q. The Q Marshal is the newest digital display stainless steel watch that can connect seamlessly to your smartphone via bluetooth.

Quick Review: Polar A300 Fitness Activity Tracker

Are you a fitness junkie that’s looking for a new fitness watch? Then you might want to consider the new Polar A300.

Fighting germs anytime, anywhere with Hygienix

Isn't it a bummer when all your hard work and training gets wasted because you suddenly got sick!? Or you failed to hit your PR just because you’re not feeling well on race day!?

A week with the Polar Loop

2014 seems to be a year for Fitness Activity Trackers. First there was the Nike Fuel Band, then we featured the Fitbit Force, but it's only now that we got hold of an actual Fitness Tracker to test. Introducing the Polar Loop.

Pinoy Fitness runs for Chosen Children Village Foundation

From outside the gate it looks like one of those non-traditional schools where kids from affluent families are sent to encourage their holistic development.

Do The Plank Fitness Test

2 years ago I can barely hold a 1-minute plank, yesterday I decided to test it again, amazed that I was able to hold it now for 4+ minutes!

Baler 2016 – No Surfing Weekend

We've been visiting Baler for the last 8 years and this year so far was the "flattest" Baler trip we encountered. We always thought "hindi na wawalan ng alon sa Baler", and normally this theory is true until today.

Introducing The FlyKly Smart Wheel for Bikes

I just love how technology and fitness are merging to create new innovative products nowadays! It has always been a common joke or a secret "wish" that someday we can attach an electronic motor wheel behind our bicycles to make us go faster or help us through the tough up-hell routes.

Cost of your 2017 Starbucks Planner in Calories

It's that time of the year again! Starbucks just recently announced their 2017 planners. This year Starbucks is introducing 2 designs, coffee stains and blue siren, both in hardbound cloth covers.

Team Drago Pilipinas Conquers the 4th Leg of the Under Armour Challenge Series

It’s not how you start, but how you finish it! That was the battle cry for the 4th Leg of the Under Armour Challenge Series when Team Drago Pilipinas and Team SEALS of Anytime Fitness

5 Diagnostic Tests Runners Need to Perform Regularly

Most of us started running because we want to stay fit and healthy, and it's true, we have heard a lot of stories about people losing weight, getting stronger, healthier and more active because of running.

Nike will try to Break the SUB2 Marathon Today!

Today a new running history could be made, as most of us tries to break the SUB2 Half-Marathon race time, Nike is embarking on a quest to break the SUB-2 hour FULL Marathon.

Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge 2014 Video Recap

Revisiting the Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge 2015! Thank you! You are all awesome!

Tri United 3 2016 Behind the Scenes and Quick Review

Since teammate Ria can't race at the Tri United 3, we went all out to be the support crew of Age Escarte, our the sole survivor of training for TU3.