Edades Farms: Your Next OCR Adventure Destination

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary at Edades Farms, home to the largest OCR Park in the Philippines.

Adidas Steps Up with the “Move for the Planet” Initiative in...

Adidas reinvigorates its commitment to sustainability with the 'Move for the Planet' campaign, transforming every 10 minutes of logged activity into a €1 donation towards global sustainability efforts from May 10 to 22, 2024.

Top 5 Signs That Running Is Back and It’s More Fun...

Explore how running has become a nationwide phenomenon in the Philippines with these top five signs.

The Long Road To Boston : A Story of Determination and...

Starting her marathon journey with no athletic background, Angie was inspired to run to avoid hereditary health issues and maintain good health for her family.

SUNSCREEN 101: 6 Tips You Should Know this Summer

Make sure you pick a sunscreen with at least SPF 30+ which can protect you from 97% of UVB rays when applied correctly.

3 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do Right Now

By practicing mindfulness, we can reduce stress, become more intentional and observant of the world and people around us, and pay attention to the well-being of others and our own.

3 Tips on How to Clean your Wet Running Shoes

Went running under the rain? Make sure you remove all the mud and grit before your next run. Here are 3 Tips on How to Clean your Wet Running Shoes and return your shoes to top condition.

What Happens To Your Body When You Do Planks Every Day?

Probably the simplest and easiest way to get in shape is to do bodyweight exercises, or exercises that burn fat and build muscle using a person’s own weight – no equipment is involved.

Salva Vidas – A Rescuer’s Proactive Pursuit of Fitness to Save...

Bein's story is not about personal transformation or weight loss. It's a tale of dedication, a proactive approach to physical fitness, and a commitment to saving lives.

Love yourself by Living Healthier

During the medical examination I underwent 2 years ago, the doctor frankly advised me that for a 23 year-old man, it is surprising that I already have high blood pressure and probably, have to intake maintenance drugs to prevent possible heart attack and similar illnesses.

Lester Lagos: When the Only Sound You Can Hear is Your...

I may not be able to hear well but I can hear the roar for victory inside me, and I am lucky and blessed to have a very supportive family to keep me going.

Ernest Carual : An Osteomyelitic’s Journey to 42K

Ernest Carual finished his first successful 10K in July 2013, merely months after he turned to running to help improve his physical state. A year and a month later, the now famous runner, is preparing to conquer his next and biggest feat—a full 42K marathon.

Yakult 10-Miler Run in SM Mall of Asia

Yakult Philippines invites you to the 32nd Yakult Run, an event dedicated to promoting health and fitness.

UHY Run for Panay: Run and Walk for a Good Cause...

Experience the scenic beauty of Boracay Island while supporting vital community initiatives at the UHY Run for Panay.

Ultraboost Light – giving epic energy for more epic runs

It features a PRIMEKNIT+ mesh upper that is breathable, adaptable fit while also helping to keep the shoe light. Traction is also optimized with Continental™ natural performance rubber, making it an ideal footwear of choice for both rainy and sunny runs.