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Salomon Launches Innovative SS24 Collection for Trail Runners at R.O.X. BHS

Salomon showcased its innovative Spring/Summer 2024 collection at Recreational Outdoor Exchange Bonifacio High Street, drawing in esteemed participants to test out the new trail running gear.

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Depression is Real and Here’s How Running Can Help

Depression isn't easily identified by everyone; and that makes it a complicated sickness. Most people don't understand that it's a serious ailment and those with depression isn't just "having a bad day" or can just, as they would say, "don't think about it and be happy".

Top 8 Finish Line Poses at Tri United 4

Just for Fun! Here are the TOP X Finish Line Poses we spotted during the ULAH Tri United 4 that happened last November 23 at Clark Pampanga.

6 Tips for Runners Who Wanted To Hike Mountains

Yes, you may be active in running, which means you would need to worry less about the aerobic fitness and endurance needed for hiking mountains. However...

Ka Rene: Smashing the Sub 1 10K Challenge at 72 years...

Ka Rene certainly piqued our interests and inspired awe in many who were there at the event grounds to see him cross that finish line with a happy grin, almost knocking over one of our marshals as he make it to the cut-off og the Sub 1 10K Challenge.

6 Senior Runners That Can Inspire You To Run

For some people, retirement or being at the age of 60 means staying at home and enjoying all the hard work done in their younger years. However, there are some special ones, who choose to spend their later years practicing fitness and getting even more healthy which stands them out in the fitness community.

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Run2Plant: Para sa Greener Pinas 2024

This June, celebrate Philippine Environment Month by running for a cause with Run2Plant: Para sa Greener Pilipinas. Plant trees and pave the way to a healthier environment!

Sulu Ultramarathon 91K

Join the ultimate challenge at the Sulu Ultramarathon 91K on July 19, 2024. Discover the scenic landscapes of Jolo while testing your limits in an ultramarathon.

Ultraboost Light – giving epic energy for more epic runs

It features a PRIMEKNIT+ mesh upper that is breathable, adaptable fit while also helping to keep the shoe light. Traction is also optimized with Continental™ natural performance rubber, making it an ideal footwear of choice for both rainy and sunny runs.