Best Practices on How to Organize a Pandemic-safe Group Run

Did you miss running with a group this pandemic, too? Organize your own, with these tips from Adidas Runners Manila.

Fitbit Sense – Tech Review

This watch is a good choice for people who lives an active lifestyle and wants to keep track of their overall well being

ASICS Tokyo GEL-KAYANO Sunrise Red Collection

Using sunrise as a symbol of hope, ASICS is encouraging people everywhere to kick start 2021 by moving at sunrise to spread positivity, and raise awareness.

UP Academic Oval re-opens on Feb 15 with new Health Guidelines

When at the Academic Oval and other open spaces, everyone is advised to strictly follow University health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Nike: Perfecting Injury-free Technology in the React Infinity Run 2 and...

Nike launches two new running shoes that hope to power and sustain the comebacks of runners everywhere

UP Diliman Is Closing the Academic Oval for 2 Weeks

UP Diliman is closing the Academic Oval from Jan 23 until Feb 4, 2021.

Running for ART in BGC

Making running more fun by creating art.

The Great 12 Day Fitness Sale

Don't miss the GREAT 12 DAY FITNESS SALE happening from December 11 - 22, 2020

Pinoy Fitness Atleta FIRE Virtual Challenge

Time to Conquer Q2! Pinoy Fitness Atleta FIRE Virtual Challenge is the 2nd of the quarterly PREMIUM Atleta Virtual Race.

Total Sports #PlayToWin Virtual Run (FREE)

Summer is right around the corner! Time to get your body beach-ready with Pinoy Fitness Atleta and Total Sports as we kick off the summer with a special virtual run for all fitness levels!


The Power of the Pinoy Running Community

"We all maybe perfect strangers... but we run therefore we are friends."

JC Esguerra : A Man’s Journey in Losing 100+ lbs in...

I’m JC, male, 5’5”, 20 years old. All throughout the last 19 years of my life, I’ve always been overweight. From age 16-19, I was obese 2 with a body fat of more than 40%. My highest recorded weight was 270lbs (December 2013).


Thoughts on the Benefits of Barefoot Running

I was talking with my friend Daves who is into barefoot running the other day and we're talking about the benefits of running bare, and decided to try running barefoot on a treadmill on a slow gym day...

6 Tips To Run Safely In the Rain

Forecast today was heavy rain and thunderstorm, but we're totally blessed that the race ended up having a great race weather.

42k Do’s and Don’ts – before Running a Marathon

Here's a thread that has been getting some attention in the Community Forums so I decided to highlight it with it's on post here in the main site! A good read if you are currently training to run for your very first marathon or already a seasoned marathoner. Check it out!

How I Quickly Gained 22 Pounds in College

I gained 22 pounds in about 4 years while in College. Now looking back at my 16 year old self, I have never felt this much regret as I realize how much I unknowingly abused my body with all the junk food, alcohol, stress eating and all nighters I had done in my college years.

What Is Powerlifting and Why Do I Love It so Much?

Powerlifting is a strength sport where you basically lift the heaviest weight that you can in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift while there are referees to judge whether your lift is a “good lift” or a “bad lift”.