Chasing The Dream: My First Marathon

The TBR Dream Marathon 2023 was definitely something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

My TBR Dream Marathon 2023 Experience

Running alone is definitely a profound endeavor. It reminds me of a hero’s personal battle, like the journey of Hercules (cue in Michael Bolton singing “I will go the distance”) just to prove one’s worth – more to yourself than to anyone else.

Conquering the Streets of Tokyo: My Marathon Story

The race is not just a competition, it's a reward for all the hard work and dedication put into preparing for it.

What are the things you to do practice self-love?

Self-love is finding the balance. In a world where everything is trying to get your attention, it’s a good challenge to be comfortable with some quiet me-time.

I ran a marathon alone; here’s why… and how

I saw this marathon as a personal goal and challenge; a commitment only I could embark on. Dito natin pwedeng sabihin ang “the pandemic made me do it.”

10 Kilometers: Why Is It So Enjoyable To Run?

Unless you’re blessed with favorable genetics suitable for running, beating the SUB1 10K challenge requires a certain level of dedication, consistency, and hard work from those who would dare to try.

4 Reasons I Decided to Join PF SUB1 10K Challenge

Running a SUB1 10K is a real challenge, especially for runners who just started during the pandemic.

It’s Never Too Late To Start : An ultramarathon after being...

“If you’re starting now, and you're stuck at one point, then start again, as long as meron ka pang goal, alam mo kung saan ka papunta, just keep on starting, and focus. Kahit Day 1 nang Day 1, that still sums up to more than none.”

Day one or one day?: The inspiring fitness journey of Aless...

When asked about one of her best realizations, Aless said that the first and most important choice you will make is either “Day 1 or one day?”

Listening to your mom, your body, and knowing your limits: Jary’s...

After that first session, he remembers saying to himself that he enjoyed the sweat, “Nabuhayan ako. Ang sarap pala mamawis!”

7 Reasons to join the the Pinoy Fitness Virtual Challenges

While virtual challenges have already been out there before the pandemic, the scene became even bigger because of the lack of physical races and a need for motivation.

Art Cuevas – Insights from a 70 y/o Runner

Once you run, there’s no stopping it, I think. Lalo na nakikita mo nakaka sabay ka pa sa mga bata, kaya mong sabihin sa sarili mo mahaba pa to, kaya ko pa to!

Sheila Gagui’s courageous battle against Breast Cancer

God really trained me, not just for tri. But God trained me for my cancer journey. Everything that led me here was to help me get stronger for my cancer.

Winnie Puno: Running with IgA Nephropathy

“I have IgA Nephropathy and I am a runner! Who says someone like me with only 37% kidney function can’t run! Do I get tired? Of course, it’s always tiring but that’s the irony of it, it makes me stronger after!”