Salva Vidas – A Rescuer’s Proactive Pursuit of Fitness to Save Lives

Bein's story is not about personal transformation or weight loss. It's a tale of dedication, a proactive approach to physical fitness, and a commitment to saving lives.


In the vibrant community of Alion, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines, lives Bein Serapion. A 28-year-old ambulance crew member, Bein’s story is not about personal transformation or weight loss. It’s a tale of dedication, a proactive approach to physical fitness, and a commitment to saving lives.

A Life-Saving Mission

Bein’s daily life is filled with unpredictability. As a rescuer, he faces unique challenges that require not only a sharp mind and compassionate heart but also a physically fit body. His fitness journey is not a personal endeavor; it’s a professional requirement, a mission to be strong and healthy to save lives.

Embracing Fitness

Running marathons and ultra-marathons became Bein’s way of preparing himself for his demanding role. Guided by the mantra “Mata Sa Langit, Paa sa Lupa”, he embraced fitness as a tool, a means to enhance his ability to serve others. His proactive approach to fitness was not about fame or personal achievement; it was about being ready to help someone in need.

Overcoming Challenges

The path was not without obstacles. Juggling work schedules with rigorous training was challenging. But Bein’s unwavering focus on his life’s purpose fueled his determination. Through discipline and time management, he conquered the challenges, growing stronger in body and spirit.


A Community Inspiration

Bein’s story resonated within his community. His proactive approach to fitness inspired others to view physical health not as a self-centered goal but as a way to contribute to the greater good. He became a symbol of resilience, selflessness, and community service.

Gratitude and Joy

Bein’s philosophy of “Mata sa Langit, Paa sa Lupa” taught him to be grateful for the simple joys of running, walking, and playing. He understood that these abilities were not just personal pleasures but tools to make a difference in others’ lives.

A Call to Action

Bein’s story is more than an inspiring tale; it’s a call to action. It’s a reminder that our physical abilities can be a lifeline for someone else. It’s an invitation to embrace fitness proactively, not for personal gain, but for the service of others.

Tips and Advice

Run Happy 🙂. Cherish the journey, value every step, and remember that your strength can be someone’s hope.

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