The inspiring Nanay Rosalinda, a Filipina ultramarathoner in her 70s

Sa mga katulad ko, kailangan subukan mo muna bago ka umayaw. Unti unti lang, huwag mong biglain, observe. Kahit lakad lang, ilang minuto lang. Kapag makapag adjust ka na, hahanapin mo na yon.

My TBR Dream Marathon 2023 Experience

Running alone is definitely a profound endeavor. It reminds me of a hero’s personal battle, like the journey of Hercules (cue in Michael Bolton singing “I will go the distance”) just to prove one’s worth – more to yourself than to anyone else.

Day one or one day?: The inspiring fitness journey of Aless...

When asked about one of her best realizations, Aless said that the first and most important choice you will make is either “Day 1 or one day?”

7 Reasons to join the the Pinoy Fitness Virtual Challenges

While virtual challenges have already been out there before the pandemic, the scene became even bigger because of the lack of physical races and a need for motivation.

Art Cuevas – Insights from a 70 y/o Runner

Once you run, there’s no stopping it, I think. Lalo na nakikita mo nakaka sabay ka pa sa mga bata, kaya mong sabihin sa sarili mo mahaba pa to, kaya ko pa to!

Sheila Gagui’s courageous battle against Breast Cancer

God really trained me, not just for tri. But God trained me for my cancer journey. Everything that led me here was to help me get stronger for my cancer.

Winnie Puno: Running with IgA Nephropathy

“I have IgA Nephropathy and I am a runner! Who says someone like me with only 37% kidney function can’t run! Do I get tired? Of course, it’s always tiring but that’s the irony of it, it makes me stronger after!”

Where I Ran Today: Local scenic running routes as shared by...

Thanks to these members of the Pinoy Fitness Community, you can somehow experience running outdoors and witness the wonder of our country’s most beautiful destinations, once again.

You can – not despite being, but exactly because you are...

As Women’s Month closes out, I want to tell you all that I celebrate all of you ladies of the Pinoy Fitness Community. Women’s Month, or not.

The Unstoppable: Francisco Balagtas and his Project No Days Off

Figuring out why you want to run will make the miles and effort more reassuring to yourself so you aren’t running aimlessly questioning why you are doing it.

A Valentine’s Letter for Fitness Enthusiasts

Here’s my Valentine’s Day letter to everyone caught in the rush of things

Racing in the time of the Novel Coronavirus

I was looking forward to racing a whole lot, this year.

10 Things I Learned from 10 Years of Running

This year marks my 10th year of running. Honestly, I never imagined myself to be running this long, but I believe that Pinoy Fitness and this community has been the key to how I was able to sustain this sport for so long.

TBR Dream Marathon 2020 – Video Highlights

You never forget your first! Here's a short video highlight on what happened last weekend at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2020!