7 Reasons to join the the Pinoy Fitness Virtual Challenges

While virtual challenges have already been out there before the pandemic, the scene became even bigger because of the lack of physical races and a need for motivation.


Every start of the year, we try to set goals for ourselves and list habits to break. As I entered 2021, I felt a little unmotivated in terms of my fitness in running since no races seem to be in sight for the near future, but I had to look for motivation to stay accountable.

So, I decided to join the Pinoy Fitness’ Virtual Challenge. While virtual challenges have already been out there before the pandemic, the scene became even bigger because of the lack of physical races and a need for motivation.

This year, I committed to running 375 kilometers every quarter following different themes inspired by four values: discipline, hardwork, commitment, and consistency. As I conquered the distances I signed up for every quarter, I learned so much and realized that joining the PF virtual challenges has so many benefits.

1. They are made for you

What’s fun about these virtual challenges is that you get to choose your own distance challenge. Before you start the year, think of your goals all throughout and slowly build your strength and endurance into getting that. If you are just getting started with running, sign up for the shorter distance and just progress along the way. The Pinoy Fitness Virtual Runs can also be done any time and anywhere you are. You can run when you are available and run wherever you feel safe no matter how fast you want to be as long as you complete the distance.


2. It’s affordable

Registration fees are very affordable and cost less if not, FREE. Usually, runner entitlements — medal and finisher shirt, are still included in the package and will be delivered to you at the comfort of your home. In addition, some challenges are even automatic registrations to a raffle entry. Who wouldn’t enjoy winning more than once? You get to achieve your goal, get a medal, and even a chance to win items like new shoes, shirts, and etc.!

3. Extra motivation

With no physical races in sight, it is hard to stay motivated; but with a goal in mind, you will have extra motivation to get up and do your runs. It will help you stay consistent since you will need to log in your mileage to complete the challenge.

4. Change of pace

Doing the same thing all over again could be quite boring. Running the same pace and place could actually lead to a plateau in terms of your progress. So when you mix up your usual to new goals this coming year or switch them up to totally different ones, you are helping yourself in exploring new things and experience a new set of routine.

5. Meet new friends

Some blessings in life come unexpectedly. For virtual challenges, you would not immediately expect finding new friends since these challenges are done remotely. With Pinoy Fitness’ Atleta app, you will have the chance to connect with people who are also doing the challenges through the feed or by adding them as your friends. Fortunately, I also found friends who are doing these virtual runs and have logged some mileage with me on the road. It is such a wonderful feeling to be connected with other runners who are also trying to conquer their own challenges even in today’s new normal.

6. They will help you discover your strength

Gandhi said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” These challenges were created to test our capabilities—not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

7. It’s for everyone

With virtual runs, there is no limit when it comes to where or what time you want to do it. These also don’t have a restriction when it comes to who can register for them. Anybody who wishes to conquer these challenges is welcome to participate. Why not invite your relatives and friends to take on a new fitness goal with you? It will be a great idea to share the road and log some mileage with your loved ones physically or remotely.

The Pinoy Fitness virtual runs are just one of many virtual challenges you can sign up for online. In order to join, you need only to download the Pinoy Fitness ATLETA mobile app on the app store and sign up for FREE. You can download it here – https://pinoy.fit/atleta

There are several challenges for every occasion, but if you are looking for one that will motivate you to run for the whole year, there is the quarterly PF Virtual Challenge where you can choose a distance from 75K, 125K, 250K, 375K or 500K that you need to log for the whole quarter (3 months).

Understanding how you can benefit from these virtual challenges will help you find which matches you the most and whether you are looking for extra motivation, new friends who are like-minded, or just kick starting your fitness journey, the Pinoy Fitness virtual runs are the best choice.


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