4 Reasons I Decided to Join PF SUB1 10K Challenge

Running a SUB1 10K is a real challenge, especially for runners who just started during the pandemic.

7 Things To Look For Before Buying A Computer Chair

A lot of us has been working from home ever since the pandemic and if you're like me who's spending at least 8 hours...

R.O.X. Leads The Charge on Sustainability: A Cycling Hub is Soon...

The bicycle area in the 3rd floor diversified their existing bikes to include units for all types of bikers. A bike service area and bike café will also be included in this space.

Reebok just released the carbon plated Floatride Energy X

Reebok just released their newest carbon plated running shoes designed for marathon racing and long-distance training.

Your fastest Half (21K) by Coach Andy Leuterio

I love the half-mary. It’s long enough that you need to really put in some serious training, yet not so long that it takes an extended period of recovery like a full marathon. Following one of the Golden Rules of running, which is to “rest one day for every mile raced”...

7 Ways To Stay Fit During Hot Summer Days

Ang init! Pass muna ako sa run natin, ha? Don’t let the scorching summer heat get in the way of a good workout. Here are fun ways to stay fit if it’s too hot to run outside – and we don’t just mean going to the gym.

8 Things I Learned in 8 Years of Running

Running looks too simple. All you need is a good pair of running shoes, put one foot in front of the other and you’re good to go. It seems like everyone can do it, but if that is true, then everyone now is a runner.

6 Tips for Post-Quarantine Running

What are those who plan to start running outside supposed to do given the risks that need to be avoided?

Hindi pa huli ang lahat, Huwag mawalan ng Pag-asa.

Huwag niyo din itigil ang pagiging active sa sports at run kapag pumapayat na kayo, ituloy nyo lang. Huwag nyo nang hayaan na bumalik pa kayo sa dati ninyong katawan, sayang ang lahat ng pinaghirapan at pinag daanan ninyo.

Running With Dystonia : A Different Kind of Strong

Jirome ran this race, and runs all of his other races, in constant pain. And he makes sure he finishes it, anyway.

Meet Gian Carlo, the Signage Runner like no other!

You could have been one of the runners who—during the events of the recent years—have seen him pacing with a custom banner along the race course

Meet Tyson “Baby Rocket” Ogsimer

Meet the 11-year Old Who Runs 21K Marathons, Tyson Ogsimer

The Pink Run: D’Feeting Breast Cancer (FREE)

“The Pink Run: D’Feeting Breast Cancer” is the primary activity of the PSGS in its advocacy against breast cancer.

Run For Your Heart in UP Los Banos

As part of the 104th Loyalty Day celebration, the Class 1972 Golden Jubilarian will host a FUN RUN with the title “RUN FOR YOUR HEART”