Where I Ran Today: Local scenic running routes as shared by the PF Community

Thanks to these members of the Pinoy Fitness Community, you can somehow experience running outdoors and witness the wonder of our country’s most beautiful destinations, once again.


This pandemic took away a lot of things we used to enjoy as a fitness community – most especially the joy of running outdoors. Before the pandemic, running wasn’t just an activity for keeping fit, but also a way to explore the beautiful sights of our country, to boot. Because why shouldn’t we let our feet take us to breathtaking places or anywhere and everywhere we can go when they can do so easily, right?

But when the lockdowns first hit and the virus spread, running stopped being that escape. 

It became something to be avoided both out of fear of the virus and need to stop it from infecting more people. And despite lockdown protocols easing up, it still is something we willingly avoid. After all, with COVID-19 cases soaring anew and other variants being detected, interactions feel like a dark game of Russian Roulette. Do you get infected today, or tomorrow? From whom will you get it from?

Hope that we’ll be able to once again run outside and enjoy the pleasures of travel started to feel like a pipedream. That is, until the brave few who challenge the current circumstances started posting these breathtaking photos of scenic running routes in the Philippines.

If you’re struggling to find something to hold onto for hope that we’ll get to run outdoors again, then these photos might just provide you that same solace and inspiration to get back to running once more:


1. Vigan Heritage Site, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Posted by: Jayson Quilana

2. Itogon, Benguet 

Posted by: Yano Bautista

3. Wall of Loakan, Loakan, Baguio City

Posted by: Catherine Felizardo

4. Mt. Ulap in Tuba, Benguet

Posted by: JayR Corpuz

5. Porac, Pampanga

Posted by: Belle Salazar

6. Mt. Kulis in Tanay, Rizal

Posted by: Gilbert Garcia

7. Palale Falls in Albay, Bicol

Posted by: Romeo Manaog

8. Asupre Trail in Castilla, Sorsogon 

Posted by: Xavier Henry Zamora

9. Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Posted by: Earl Bolivar

10. Pagayawan, Bacolod, Lanao del Norte

Posted by: Jam Michelle Daligdig

11. Mt. Apo, Davao

Posted by: Cherry Phil Fuentes

12. Lantawan, Zamboanga City

Posted by: Edison Deleña

13. La Palmera Mountain Ridge, Barangay Columbio, Sultan Kudarat

Posted by: Jim Ryin

Did these photos inspire you to get outside and run? Tell us where you’re running next over at the Pinoy Fitness Community Facebook Group. Or if you have a favorite running route you’ve been frequenting lately, post about it on the Pinoy Fitness Atleta App. Who knows? You might be featured on our next round-up of running routes.


  1. Hi Ming! This is my very first look at the PF website (10-8-2021, 1:25pm) and I think they made a great decision by leading off with your article! The photos alone are very inspiring! Being a physician, it is heartwarming to read about the success stories of these brave individuals, despite their conditions, have gone out and accomplished the goals they’ve set for themselves!


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