Real Women Fitspiration to Follow on Instagram


Real Women Fitspiration to Follow on Instagram

Sometimes, all you need to be fit is an inspiration — and nowadays that isn’t so hard to find. From the people we interact with to the people we see on TV/Magazine/etc., they’re practically everywhere. It’s even easier to find these fitspiration or “fit inspiration” with the help of technology.

There are numerous social media applications (Instagram being the most famous) where you could follow the lives of fit people to see what they’re doing and how they’re going about their everyday life. You may think that some personalities online are too commercialized and their lifestyle seems impossible to reach, but don’t worry — we got you covered. We curated a list of real women you can get your fitspiration from. By real, I mean non-celebrity individuals who gained the people’s attention through their evident hard work.

With our list of women, you can realize that if they can do it, so can you. Through their daily posts, you can see the natural and attainable way of achieving your #bodygoals.

So grab your phone, open your Instagram account, and start following these women to be motivated to be as fit as they are.

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Name: Nikki Torres

Instagram: @nkitorres
Profession: Yoga Teacher; Fitness Designer; Creator of NTSweat

Nikki is the founder and creator of NTSweat; A toning and cardio dance workout inspired by Yoga, Dance and Circuit Training.

A post shared by Kat Reambillo (@katreambillo) on

Instagram: @katreambillo
Profession: Sales and Marketing at Danka Food Enterprises Corp.; Trainer at Flyweight PH; CrossFit Coach

The corporate world is very fast paced and it’s hard to practically do anything after that 9-5 office hours. However, this business woman can still teach us a thing or two about being fit through CrossFit and boxing.

A post shared by Angela Nepomuceno (@lush_angel) on

Name: Angela Nepomuceno

Instagram: @lush_angel
Profession: Fitness and Lifestyle Blogger

Angela is a Fitness and Lifestyle blogger who loves to explore and travel the world (hiking is a part of this). Conquering a mountain is already a sport on its own, but she also goes regularly to her “bakal” gym on her free time to keep herself fit and healthy for her on-the-go career.

A post shared by Jackie Go (@gojackiego) on

Name: Jackie Go

Instagram: @gojackiego
Profession: Fitness and Fashion Blogger; Model; Mother

Being a mother of two is already quite the commitment, but Jackie definitely knows how to manage her time between her career and family while still maintaining a fit and active lifestyle.

A post shared by Kayleen Ortiz (@kayleenortiz) on

Name: Kayleen Ortiz

Instagram: @kayleenortiz
Profession: Owner of Polecats Manila; Instructor at Calibarzz; Instructor at Ride Revolution

Kayleen is one of the owners of Polecats Manila, and is the country’s highest certified aerialist and has been teaching pole dancing classes for five years. Check out her IG! It’s inspiring how Kayleen can lift herself up with such ease; her core strength is unbelievable!

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A post shared by Bea Benedicto (@bea_benedicto) on

Name: Bea Benedicto

Instagram: @bea_benedicto
Profession: Host; Vlogger

Silly TV & Events Host Bea doesn’t just use her bubbly and energetic personality for vlogging purposes. She uses that fun and hyper energy to do circuit training during her free time.

A post shared by Ida Paras (@idatparas) on

Name: Ida Paras

Instagram: @idatparas
Profession: Lead Instructor at Ride Revolution

Aside from being the lead instructor at Ride Revolution, Ida also puts those exercises she teaches into use by doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She was also featured in the Metro Body 2017 magazine issue.

A post shared by Lexi Gancayco (@lexi_gancayco) on

Name: Lexi Gancayco

Instagram: @lexi_gancayco
Profession: Instructor at Ride Revolution

Lexi loves the beach. She spends her time hitting the gym and teaching at Ride Revolution. So if you want to be inspired how to get that summer body ready or even just to see what beach is nice to visit, make sure to follow her!

Name: Cassie Umali

Instagram: @cassieumali
Profession: Host; Model; Vlogger; Fitness Ambassador

This woman is a true fitness inspiration. In fact, she was named the first ever Miss Gold’s Gym Philippines back in 2015. It’s evident to see how she works hard to promote fitness and health. Cassie is also a terrific host and a sports vlogger who join fun runs every now and then.

Like and follow these fit and beautiful women, let them inspire you to achieve the healthy body you desire. Start living a fit life today!

Know any other ‘fitspiring’ women? Share this post and give us some recommendations!


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