San Juan to Pisong Kape Group Bike Ride



New Year means New Adventures, so me and my friends decided to start the year with something different. Personally I’m a very cautious biker, since I believe my bike skills are Mediocre at best, I shy away from heavily populated and high traffic areas.

But last Sunday, we’re a bit pressed for time, we want to squeeze in a ride with our friend who came home from Australia and at the same time be back in Manila to prepare for another friends wedding, we decided to skip the long drive and just start biking from San Juan.

We started in Greenhills and took Ortigas Extension to Taytay all the way to Morong then Pisong Kape, then we took Teresa, Sumulong Hiway, Marcos Hiway then C5 on our way back, a total of around 100KM out and back, the experience is exciting and a bit scary combined, sharing my thought as a first timer to pedal from home.

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1. Always be Alert and Wear your Helmet – Especially around the Metro Manila area, Jeeps and Tricycles will suddenly stop to pickup passengers, be alert and wear your protective gear. Sad to say, I still see some bikers biking without helmets.


2. Take Time to Enjoy the View – If it’s your first time, then make sure you take some time to enjoy the view, better yet stop once in a while to admire mother nature.


3. Take some group Photos – If it’s your first time with friends, this journey will be something you would want to remember after a few years passes by.


4. Try the Lugaw at Tita Carmen Bahay Kainan – Yes! Lugaw after 50K


5. Stop for some Buko Juice – Hydrate Hydrate!


6. Enjoy Every Moment – Yes, Every single moment!

Here’s a short clip compiled by Jema Ng:


On the bike: Ivan, Benedict, Age, Risha, Me, John-John, Erwin. Thank you Jema and Marky for the SAG

Photos from: Jema and Erwin

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