360 Fitness Club Introduces Heart Rate Based Training Classes


360 Fitness Club Introduces Heart Rate Based Training Classes

With the advancement of Heart-Rate Monitors and Smart Bluetooth Technology it is now possible to monitor several HRM in one device, 360 Fitness Club took initiative to bring this technology to the fitness industry by introducing a Heart-Rate Monitored Class Workout.


Members of 360 Fitness who joined the class will be provided with a Heart Rate Monitor before the workout, the coaches and members can then monitor in real time the effort each member is giving out during the entire session. And at the end of the class, the system provides a summary of individual workout performance.

Heart Rate Based Training Classes is still fairly new, but it gives both coach and members a whole new perspective of working out. Not only are you monitoring your individual workout, you can also see how you are performing compared to other individuals in the class.


Want to try the HR Based Training Class? Contact 360 Fitness Club via their website at https://www.completethecircuit.com/


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