Find these Murals when you RUN in BGC


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If you haven’t been running around BGC lately or haven’t been to the area completely, here’s a good reason to set some time to run and explore the area once again.

Last week (May 22-31) Bonifacio Global City held a week long event that brings internationally-acclaimed artists to the Philippines to paint murals at some of the buildings in Bonifacio Global City.

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There are seven (7) locations on where the murals are located across the city.

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1. Bonifacio Technology Center (Kristin Farr)
2. C1 (AKA Corleone)
3. One Global Place (Faile)
4. Icon Plaza (Cyrcle)
5. Fully Booked (Nate Frizzell)
6. The Globe Tower (Drew Merritt)
7. Bonifacio High Street (Egg Fiasco, Anjo Bolarda, Nate Frizzell)

BGC_mural3 (Large)


I always admired the create people behind the ART in BGC, they think of the coolest things. So head on to Bonifacio Global City for your next run and try to find the murals while you’re there! For those who have seen them, how do you like it? Share a comment below!

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