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Run in Style: Adidas Supernova’s Latest Collection for Ultimate Comfort

Adidas launches its comfort-tuned Supernova franchise, featuring the Supernova Rise, Solution, and Stride, designed to tackle runners' biggest frustration: uncomfortable shoes.

Launch of Adidas SUPERNOVA RISE: A Blend of Style and Comfort

Adidas elevates running footwear with the launch of SUPERNOVA RISE, blending advanced technology with stylish comfort.

Adidas Unveils SWITCH FWD: A Revolution in Running Shoe Technology

Adidas introduces SWITCH FWD, a running shoe designed to convert every stride into smooth, forward motion.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run – Shoe Review

Provides for a comfortable, long ride, but we have yet to see how it delivers its promise of an injury-free run

Nike’s Alphafly NEXT% – developed from tech used in Eliud’s SUB2 marathon

Runners will get to enjoy the record-breaking tech come summer 2020! Read here to learn more about Nike's NEXT% technology.

Poll: How many Running Shoes do you own?

How many Running Shoes do you own!? Join the POLL below:

Shoe Review: New Balance 760

New Balance 760 review by New Balance and Running Warehouse, scheduled release January 2010

Buy a Running Shoe based on your Feet Arch Type

One of the most common questions we get from runners is how to choose the right running shoes. Some runners will chose based on their favorite brand, others will base their selection on their aesthetic or design.