Buy a Running Shoe based on your Feet Arch Type


One of the most common questions we get from runners is how to choose the right running shoes. Some runners will chose based on their favorite brand, others will base their selection on their aesthetic or design.

But since not all runners are created equal, the best way is still to try shoes and discover what’s best for you based on experience. The process can become expensive, but a good way to start is by choosing a shoes based on your arch type.

Arch is the raised curve on the bottom of your foot, and the right pair of running shoes will support your arch shape perfectly and give you the best support.

Our foot has three arches as shown in the diagram:

1. Medial longitudinal arch
2. Lateral longitudinal arch
3. Transverse arch


Find out what Foot Arch Shape you have buy walking on a piece of paper or dry pavement when your feet is wet.

1. Low Arch – When everything is flat. Also known as “flat feet”. If you’re under this category, shoe with motion-control and extra stability maybe your best choice.
2. Regular Arch – This leaves a normal foot print. A shoe with neutral and moderate cushioning will work best for most runners.
3. High Arch – Your foot leaves only the imprint of your heel and the ball of your foot. Choose a shoe with moderate cushioning and stability to avoid running injuries.

If you are still not entirely sure what to buy. Run over at RUNNR Store to get your feet Arch and Gait tested by professionals.


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