Run in Style: Adidas Supernova’s Latest Collection for Ultimate Comfort

Adidas launches its comfort-tuned Supernova franchise, featuring the Supernova Rise, Solution, and Stride, designed to tackle runners' biggest frustration: uncomfortable shoes.


Adidas is setting a new benchmark in running comfort with the launch of its updated Supernova franchise. This collection, which includes the acclaimed Supernova Rise and the debut of the Supernova Solution and Supernova Stride, is engineered to address the primary concern of runners: discomfort from unsuitable footwear.

The Supernova series, now available in eye-catching new colors, can be purchased globally online, through the Adidas app, and at select retail outlets starting February 15, 2024. The vibrant Orange Spark hue, a standout in Adidas’s 2024 collection, is complemented by a range of matching apparel for both men and women.

Each model in the franchise is equipped with Adidas’s advanced Dreamstrike+ foam, an evolution of the Lightstrike Pro foam used in the record-breaking Adizero series. This new formula delivers unmatched comfort and cushioning, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable running experience.


The Supernova Rise features support rods for neutral heel-to-toe support and a Comfort Heel Fit for a snug, supportive feel around the heel. The Supernova Stride boasts Carrier EVA for dynamic forefoot cushioning and an Adiwear outsole for durable traction. The Supernova Solution introduces stability support rods and an optimized geometry for enhanced medial side support.

A global study by Adidas, surveying 2,674 runners across 11 cities, revealed that uncomfortable shoes are the biggest deterrent to a pleasurable run, with weather conditions and lack of motivation also ranking high. The study also identified the ideal conditions for a comfortable run: a sunny morning with a gentle breeze at 19.8 degrees Celsius.

The Supernova Rise and Supernova Solution are priced at PHP 7,500 each, while the Supernova Stride is available for PHP 6,000. For more information, visit Adidas Supernova or follow the conversation on Instagram and Twitter using #adidassupernova, @adidasph, and @adidasrunning.


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