Adidas Ultraboost X ATR Review


In the last quarter of 2017, Adidas released the Ultraboost X All-Terrain, branded as the shoes for all types of weather. This pair of Ultraboost is unique both in terms of design and performance. In fact, the first thing you’ll notice about the shoes is the sock-like Primeknit upper that extends above the ankle. This is intended to keep the rain, dust, mud, and other elements from entering your shoes when you run.

The shoes also feature a full boost midsole that is covered by a rugged Continental Stretchweb Outsole for grip and traction for all conditions. A water repellant Primeknit upper is also designed to support your feet while protecting it from the rain.

Shoe Fit and Performance

The Primeknit material is comfortable to wear. It actually feels like a durable sock that takes the shape of your feet. The softness of the material makes it also unlikely to cause blisters and chaffing. I initially thought that the Primeknit would be uncomfortably warm because of the snug fit but there’s actually enough breathability in the material.

Despite being designed for rugged use, both the heel counter and midfoot x-frame make the shoes undeniably designed for security of the more petite structure of a woman’s feet. It gives the necessary support to keep your feet in place yet allows quite decent room for movement.


The sizing, however, is a tad smaller than usual and this might be caused by the snug fit of the Primeknit. So when buying, you might want to opt for a pair that is ½ or 1 size bigger than your normal size.

Tip: If the shoes feel too narrow, adjust the laces to as loose as possible. It can have a great effect especially since the shoelaces are just secondary support to the Primeknit material.

Responsiveness and Support

Aside from the Primeknit material, the Ultraboost X ATR has a unique way of incorporating support for your feet through its adaptive arch (middle part of the shoe that is not attached to the boost midsole). The mid-arch might take some getting used to especially since most running shoes don’t have this feature. I have a normal arch but it still felt a bit too high for me at the start so it might cause some problems for other runners who have a lower arch.

Responsiveness was pristine, as can be expected from the full boost midsole. The boost looked clean and minimalist and yet still able to deliver great energy return and cushioning.

Is it Really for All Terrain?

I’ve personally tried this shoes out for a run while it was drizzling outside and the shoe’s water-repelling Primeknit held up pretty well. It wasn’t a storm or a heavy rain but it was drizzling and I’m quite sure I stepped on several small puddles of water and wet leaves. The result? My feet did not get wet. The sock-like feature did a great job in keeping the water out and the Primeknit material made the droplets of water just slide off the shoe. But again, I didn’t run when it was heavily raining.

The continental sole and lightweight material gave enough grip and ease for me to forget that I was running on a slippery road. I am no trail runner (yet) but I can imagine how useful these features can be if you are one. Bonus points also for the full boost midsole being easy to wipe and clean.

The verdict:

The Adidas Ultraboost ATR is an ideal pair for neutral runners who love to run outdoors. The comfort of the Primeknit material is great and the water-repelling feature is quite decent. We do advise, however, that you try it out first to test if the mid-arch feature is for you and to get the sizing right.

With a price tag of PHP 9,995, the Ultraboost X ATR is a pair that you’d want to wear quite often to maximize its technology. We also think it’s as good for casual wear as it is for sportswear especially when worn with leggings or jogger pants.

The Adidas Ultraboost ATR has officially dropped in two colorways in Adidas stores nationwide and can also be ordered in the Adidas online shop. With the Christmas season just around the corner, this pair can be the best gift you can get for yourself or any runner who loves the outdoors.

Disclosure: Pinoy Fitness was given a free pair of the Adidas Ultraboost ATR for review purposes. However, this in no way affected the objectivity of the review.


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