Hands On with the New Nike Yoga Collection


When I had started running, I learned that cross training is beneficial to help reduce running related injuries. Personally, I had chosen yoga, and for the past year, I have slowly progressed from doing basic poses to practicing different flows and kinds of yoga. It honestly felt intimidating and difficult at first, but with the guidance of several online videos and the Nike Training Club app, I finally got the hang of it.

I also realized there are several things that are also important and can make your yoga experience better. Just like in running, using good quality clothes and gear that are appropriate for the activity takes you to a different level of experience. For yoga, the right clothes can help you get the most out of the practice especially when the poses get challenging, what you want is a fabric that can move with you without restricting your flow.

Moving with Bubbles Paraiso

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Nike to test their new yoga collection with the Infinalon technology, It was an hour of yoga session with Bubbles Paraiso on behalf of Pinoy Fitness. The event started at 10 in the morning with Bubbles explaining to us that we will be doing during the class and how the moves from the NTC app will be incorporated in the flow. The Ashtanga workout started with some easy poses and eventually progressed to more complicated poses.


All throughout the session, we were guided through modifications that we could do just in case the poses were hard. Because of this, I didn’t even notice that we were already doing some poses that I have never done before. The only struggle I went through was the heat during that day which suddenly made me feel like we were doing Bikram instead. Fortunately, their Nike apparel is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable which kept me dry and cool until the end of the practice.

Looking Zen, Feeling Zen

In addition to how the material feel, I really like how it looks as well. The collection has a variety of uncomplicated looks you can choose from that are in natural tones, simple lines, and ribbed. What makes me feel more Zen is that some of these are made from sustainable materials.

On Versatility

Another thing about the level of comfort these products can give you is that you can wear them wherever you want to feel relaxed from practicing, to lounging in your house, or even when you’re out running some errands without compromising your overall look. Despite being made specifically for yoga, the Nike yoga collection may also be used on other low-impact workouts. To test the breathable and sweat-wicking fabric, I even wore one of the bras to my easy run. It was true enough to its words.

If you have been doing yoga for the longest time already or is just a newbie like me, Nike’s yoga collection is something you could consider to have in your closet. It was, in general, a wonderful experience and left me insights on how clothing should be designed for comfort to make you focus more on your movements.


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