Pretty Huge Obstacles launches Project PHOssible


Project PHOssible: A TransPHOrmation Challenge

These past few months took a toll on our accustomed “normal”. Our plans were bulldozed, most of us are forced to work from home, and small gestures like shaking hands are now considered taboo. Due to required isolation and social distancing, people are left feeling lonely and their stress or anxiety levels are at an all time high. Clearly, it’s been difficult to cope with reality and to add to that, the boundaries between work and life are starting to blur.

Let us change that.

Come out of this pandemic better and stronger through Project PHOssible!

This is an initiative done by Pretty Huge Obstacles (PHO) – Asia’s largest and first multi-level obstacle course indoor facility – as a way to help and give back to the community.


A Holistic Transformation

Don’t get ahead of yourself, this isn’t your typical weight loss challenge. It’s a holistic approach that will transform your mind and body to have it perform better at work, school, and everyday life. Participants will have access to 16 Fitness Classes, 4 Nutrition Counseling sessions, 4 Mental Conditioning talks, and Team Build Boot Camps. The program is geared towards making you feel motivated and full of purpose to work out. PHO believes that there is a more profound and unique way to get fit because the aim isn’t just to look good, it’s to get stronger both physically and mentally.

The PHO community is a diverse, judgement-free environment where lasting and active lifestyles can be built.

Participants will ponder life lessons from Philippines’ top motivational speakers such as Kimi Lu, Chubi Del Rosario, and Kian Kazemi. The workouts will be led by world class athletes including Sea Games Medalist, Glorien Merisco and Philippine Jump Rope Association President, Noel Agra.

Limited Slots

Interested participants will have to submit a short video explaining why they would like to join the program. Entries can be submitted from August 18-24 only and slots are limited so click here to register! From the pool of entries, the transformation team will choose participants based on their story.

There is a one-time commitment fee of P1,000 for the lucky, chosen participants. The 8 week program on September 7 and will end with an Obstacle Course Race as a culminating activity on November 13.

For more information, visit Pretty Huge Obstacles’ official Facebook and Instagram.

Start making progress today!


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