Edades Farms: Your Next OCR Adventure Destination

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary at Edades Farms, home to the largest OCR Park in the Philippines.


Get ready to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary at Edades Farms, the premier destination for adventure and excitement in Pinagbayanan, Taysan, Batangas. Nestled amidst lush greenery and rolling hills, Edades Farms is more than just a farm – it is a haven for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The highlight of Edades Farms is its Adventure Farm and Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Park, the largest of its kind in the Philippines. Spanning an impressive 5 hectares, the OCR park boasts 22 exhilarating obstacles strategically placed along trails that meander through the farm. From heart-pounding rope climbs to adrenaline-fueled mud pits, each obstacle is designed to test both physical strength and mental agility, offering an unforgettable experience that will push you to new heights. With varying levels of difficulty, the OCR park caters to adventurers of all ages and fitness levels.

However, Edades Farms is not just about conquering obstacles. It’s also about reconnecting with nature and rediscovering the joy of outdoor adventure. As you traverse the scenic trails, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the Batangas countryside. The fresh air and natural beauty will rejuvenate your spirit with every step.

For those looking to make the most of their visit, Edades Farms offers the perfect “Racecation” experience. Train for obstacle races during the day, stay overnight, enjoy an early breakfast, and take a refreshing swim in the pool. It’s the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.


Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, a peaceful retreat into nature, or simply a fun day with family and friends, Edades Farms invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and excitement. Book your stay now and unleash your adventurous spirit at the Philippines’ largest and most thrilling adventure destination!

Visit Edades Farms for more information and to book your adventure today.

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