Adidas Steps Up with the “Move for the Planet” Initiative in the Philippines

Adidas reinvigorates its commitment to sustainability with the 'Move for the Planet' campaign, transforming every 10 minutes of logged activity into a €1 donation towards global sustainability efforts from May 10 to 22, 2024.


Adidas has launched the second edition of its global campaign, “Move for the Planet,” encouraging athletes of all levels to participate in a unique initiative aimed at combating the effects of extreme weather through sport. From May 10th to 22nd, 2024, each ten minutes of activity tracked on the adidas Running App will translate into a €1 donation to sustainability projects, with a total pledge of up to €1.5 million.

The campaign, which has expanded from 34 sports last year to 100 this year, including popular activities like running, volleyball, and cycling, invites participants to log their movement to support the construction of resilient sports facilities and provide educational programs on sustainability. In 2023, over a million people worldwide engaged in the campaign, significantly impacting local communities.

According to Adidas, extreme weather has become a growing threat to sports venues globally, with projections suggesting that by 2050, nearly a quarter of English football league stadiums might face annual flood risks. This initiative also highlights the potential unviability of former Winter Olympic host cities to hold future games due to climate changes.

Local and Global Impact

The initiative’s success in its first year enabled significant contributions such as the development of Cancha Violeta in Mexico—a multi-sport space that includes a new pitch and a water management system benefiting the surrounding areas. The 2024 campaign hopes to build on these achievements by incorporating more sports and projects into its roster.


Ashley Czarnowski, Senior Director of Global Purpose Marketing at Adidas, emphasized the community’s vital role, stating, “We’re excited to build on the success of the first year of Move for the Planet, which brought together a community of over one million people across the world. Together, we can unite as a global sporting community to help some of those places by making sports facilities more resilient to extreme weather conditions and providing education on sustainability.”

Collaborations for a Sustainable Future

The project also continues its partnerships with Common Goal and the UN Climate Change – Sports for Climate Action. These collaborations aim to use sports as a tool to educate and engage communities on climate change and sustainable practices. This year’s initiative will support the creation of training modules and sessions that will help NGOs and other organizations to enhance their impact on sports and development.

For more details on how to participate or to learn more about the “Move for the Planet” initiative, visit


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