Fitbit Premium hits half a million subscribers in first year

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Fitbit recently announced that they reached over half a million paid subscribers for its health guidance system Fitbit Premium.

In what seems to be a timely effort to match increasing demands for deeper insights on health that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, Fitbit introduced the updated platform to users to provide added options on how they track and monitor their fitness and health.

Long-established as one of the most versatile devices in the market of fitness trackers, Fitbit offered users an even more diversified health monitoring service with the Fitbit Premium. Initially offering it to their customers at a 90-day trial period, Fitbit successfully saw a high conversion rate from trialists to paying customers for the app’s premium version.

The company’s Co-founder and CEO James Park explained as much in a statement saying that the launch of the premium version of the app is part of the company’s strategy to diversify the business. According to Park, they plan on expanding their fit-tech business ‘beyond hardware’ while delivering on their ‘promise to provide personalized experiences, data, and insights’ to users.

More in-depth analysis

PR asset of Fitbit Premium on Android, showing Get More Zzz’s program. For placement into renders or lifestyle imagery only. Photo courtesy of Fitbit

Fitbit Premium also hopes to enable people to move more, manage stress, sleep better and eat well by adding other data tracking and personalization options for those looking for extra support.


On top of standard capabilities that fitness trackers and monitoring apps are equipped with, Fitbit Premium also delivers customers more in terms of data tracking. Some of these additional benefits are:

    • In-depth data
    • Personalized, actionable insights
    • Hundreds of workouts
    • Games and challenges
    • Advanced sleep tools
    • Wellness reports

Fitbit Premium will also be expanding to include seven additional languages later this year in order to tap into other potential Fitbit users around the world.

The Premium experience

PR asset of Fitbit Premium on iOS, showing Today screen with insights. For placement into renders or lifestyle imagery only. Photo courtesy of Fitbit

To further expand their fitness horizons, Fitbit Premium members are also granted exclusive access to a number of fitness content and apps. Below are some of examples of these:

  1. Health and fitness content such as audio and video workouts from workout brands and fitness celebrities and influencers like Ayesha Curry, Charlee Atkins and Harley Pasternak.
  2. Mindfulness practice sessions for managing stress, improve focus, relax, improve body positivity or unwind before bed.
  3. Deeper sleep analysis with a breakdown of sleep scores and graphs showing sleep time calculations, deep and REM sleep stages and restoration, plus audio relaxation tools.
  4. Personalized and cross-correlated insights for guidance and feedback to help users make smarter health choices. 
  5. Guided programs targeting a variety of health and fitness goals – from nutrition programs to increasing activity.
  6. Games and challenges that enable users to connect with friends and family and even create custom challenges.
  7. Wellness reports that provide a digestible overview of health data on heart health, weight, sleep and activity aimed at facilitating conversations with healthcare providers. 

Providing solutions to challenges

Aiming to help potential and current clients alike to ‘navigate these challenges’ of the new normal, Fitbit reports that they are continuously adding new content and features to their trackers.

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Park adds further that as the pandemic underscores the importance of staying active and prioritizing health, Fitbit hopes to provide the tools to not only support, but also motivate people to develop healthier lifestyles at home.

Fitbit also reports that new content and features are continually added to their systems, and that with these existing capabilities found that Premium users took an average of 700 more steps per day in the first two weeks after joining.*

Pricing and availability

Premium is also available to Fitbit Health Solutions enterprise customers through Fitbit Care, both as a stand-alone offering and included within the Health Coaching offering as a digital intervention to support wellness and prevention, and management of chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

    1. Available for trial to anyone with or without a Fitbit device
    2. Free 90-day trial for new Premium users
    3. Languages:
      • English and expanding to;
      • Dutch
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Spanish
      • Swedish
    4. Price: PHP 519/month or PHP 4,190/year.

For more updates on Fitbit Premium and other products and services, you can check out Fitbit over at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Learn more at Fitbit’s website.

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*Based on aggregated and anonymous Fitbit Premium 90-day trial user data from May – July 2020, comparing the two weeks before and the two weeks after beginning to use the Fitbit Premium service.


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