Look: Zamboanga Trail Runners were Spotted Plogging at Muruk


Trail running is one of the top weekend getaway ideas for runners. It’s a chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy a refreshingly stunning view while doing what you love – running. That’s why there’s no wonder why several running groups who are geared to focus on trail running have increased in numbers these past few years.

But a particular group of runners took trail running to a new level by incorporating plogging or picking up litters while jogging in their run last Saturday, July 14, 2018. The Zamboanga Trail Runners knew that there has been an ongoing problem in maintaining the cleanliness of Zamboanga so they decided to act on it and hopefully convince other trail runners and runners alike to maintain cleanliness of the trails.

Marc Hakuna Matata posted a video by Regine Hojas in the Pinoy Fitness Community that shows Zamboanga Trail Runners plogging in the trails of Muruk, Upper Pasonanca.


The video was posted on their facebook page with the following caption:

“It is evident that during the plogging that we have a long way to go in terms of being responsible and aware of proper waste disposal, with a heavy heart and a pick-up truck full of plastics and other wastes, this will definitely not be our last.

Consistency in short-term actions can lead to long-term goals. We at ZTR encourages everyone to observe responsible disposal of wastes. And to all runners, trail runners, bikers, and fellow lovers of the great outdoors, let’s work hand in hand in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of Zamboanga.”

The best part of this is that they are inviting everyone to join their next plogging event this October!

Plogging is slowly gaining popularity in the Filipino Running Community and we sure hope that through this simple action, we can all be more mindful and responsible in our waste.

Interested in trying out trail plogging? You can follow Zamboanga Trail Runners to know more details about it through their Facebook Page.

You can also let us know your own running group’s latest adventure by posting and sharing your experiences in the Pinoy Fitness Community.


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