HSBC 135 Fun Run – Race Results and Photos

HSBC 135 Fun Run Results

Congratulations to those who joined and participated in the HSBC 135 Fun Run on November 6, 2010. Race Results and Photos are now available for download!

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HSBC 135 Fun Run Online Results

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  1. it was an almost perfectly organized run…..if not for the claiming of the lootbags. Wow, this is the loooonggessssst line for lootbags in my entire fun run experience! How come nobody from the organizers thought of having several claiming booths for this? just asking.

    But hey, the shirt, the sport’s bottle and the baller band are so nice! But still, i don’t think it’s worth falling in line for hours.

  2. Excited to see race results! I hope I got better coz if I did a sub 50 on this race I think I’ll be registering for my 1st half marathon lol!

    Got to like how well it went! But howcome there was no time at the finish? Just wondering…

  3. Excited to see race results! I hope I got better coz if I did a sub 50 on this race I think I’ll be registering for my 1st half marathon lol!

    Got to like how well it went! But howcome there was no time at the finish? Just asking…

  4. I agree @Scarlett, sana they have booths for 3K, 5K and 10K. Around 36minutes ko tinakbo yung 5K, then more 1 hour kami sa line, coz those who are already in line, they’re calling their friends at pinapasingit na rin..

    But the race is good and better than my KOTR expi… :)

    (1) The female host made a condescending remark. In announcing start of 5k run,she joked that it was a 42k run. It was not funny for first time runners.
    (2) The timer at the finish line was not prominently displayed.
    (3) There were no km markers and clear signs for turning points.
    (4) Line for the giveaways unbelievably long. LOOOOOONG!!!

    It seems the organizers/HSBC had very low expectations for this run. Tweet of Johanna__Garcia: I can’t express how incredibly grateful I am to all of you for making the HSBC 135 Run wildly successful beyond every expectation.

  6. the run was okay! kaya lang may 5k na hindi na nag U-Turn, sumisingit na lang. Kulang ang mga marshalls. But over all, it was cool and fun! I finished my 5k in 30:04!

  7. btw, i didn’t see a baller band in my giveaway bag. The bottle was cool though. The singlet size small parang duster sa kin sa sobrang laki hahaha. but it was okay. the run was fun! Ang importante, nakatulong ako sa foundation :-)

  8. It was a great run for me. Better than Takbo Para sa pasig kasi sa 3k most of the people walked. I’m glad to have run with serious runners

  9. it was a good event overall… it’s the queue for the giveaways that almost ruined it… buti na lang ok yung tumbler, shirt at yung baller id… ok din yung banana…sana lang may energy drink din na binigay… =)

    8 stars!

  10. There should be a large waste plastic bags near drinking stations,so plastic cups wont be scattered all over the place, less time to clean-up.Also for late comers their should be a validation start time,so that actual time started and finish will be accurate. This is my my first time and its a great experience. Hope to see more upcoming events.

  11. If its any consolation, it was for a good cause.. Mas mahaba pa pinila ko kesa sa actual run. The baggage counter stained paint in my knapsack. And there were instances that we almost got hit by a car kahit nasa right lane kami. No race time also at the finish line. Sayang talaga impressive pa naman yung singlet and over all set up of the race..

  12. the line to the loot bag was terrible! pep squad did a better job sa distribution on their last race. how come iisang pila ang ginawa nila. swerte sila at hindi maaraw kahapon (8:20am natapos ang pila)

    at sinisi pa ng mga emcee na mabagal daw ang pila dahil namimili pa ng sizes. aba, syempre! eh sila kaya ang pa-suot-in ng shirt na hindi kasya.

    buti na lang there was 1 guy who was distributing the bags and bringing it to the runners. it shortened my waiting time by 10 mins (ive already waited for 35 mins)

    tapos ung water station sa finish line eh nasa labas ng harang. hindi ko tuloy nakita dahil sa dami ng tao nakapila. uhaw na uhaw na uhaw ako

    wala ding safety cones sa kalsada. sobrang pag-titipid na ito. pati kaligtasan ng runners eh tinipid. meron pa muntik mahagip ng mga sasakyan

    no issues with the water stations. nakaka-miss lang ang powerade at pocari sweat

  13. That’s the advantage of taking the 3K run, you arrive at the finish line early and you get to fall in line at the giveaway booth early as well. Ang sarap ng saging. hehe

  14. it was my first time. great run, good experience.tolerable yung ibang mga lapses except yung proseso sa giveaways, seemed nde pinag isipan o pinaghandaan; buti na lang nauna kami or else nasira yung experience! sa hosts, ok si paulo…yung babae,nde ok.

  15. yes, the line was supperrr loooooongg.. sumakit nga paa ko not from running but from falling in line.. dami kasi sumisingit sa harap..

  16. I was disappointed when they first posted the race results. i cannot believe the difference between my personal timing and their timing. mine was somewhere 55 mins while theirs was 59.10 mins. hindi ko alam kung sino paniniwalaan ko. yung relo ko ba or yung kanila. pero official yung kanila so baka mali nga yung sa akin. ang bigat ng feeling considering na yung last 10k run ko 57 mins ako with minimum training pa. e this time kahit paano nagprepare naman ako tapos ganon. nasira tuloy weekend ko.

    hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala nag check ako ulit ng race result kanina. BOOOOM! ayun nagkaroon daw sila ng “data and application issues”
    tama pala yung relo ko.

    sana nag post din sila ng rankings.

  17. To Run Organizers; Sana please consider setting up different booth for different run Category like 3k, 5k, 10k, 21k and so on to claim lootbags or giveaways. HSBC failed on this, ang haba ng pila, grabe. Plus the result, iba ang name na naka appear sa database, if i enter yung bib no. 2082. What are registrations form for?

  18. sayang ganda na sana! harharhar!
    PERO here are my observations!
    1. loot bag queue kasing haba ng EDSA.
    why not out put booths for each K finishers? simple nag naman yun. kahit walang tent basta may better distribution!

    2. Water stations were too scanty. Water not sure if safe! parang tubigan lang sa carinderia ni aling tisay sa may kanto sa old sta mesa. haha

    3. the worst!!! ang mga sponsors nag bebenta at regular prices!!!! OMG!!!!

    question? HSBC run ba itoh????

  19. Runningmate updated their data on finish time…apparently there was an error etc…I think its stupid coz my original time with them was a sub 50 and my device recorded a sub50 on 10k…now I’m 31 seconds above 50…

  20. my belated comment to HSBC 135 as I was in receipt of pepsquad’s invite to do ING 20 and in fact I did register for 20k

    Hello and thanks for the invite to this run.

    I think you were also the one who organized the HSBC run. The race results were obtained in a high tech manner, however, the run itself was poorly organized. I am still registering though because of the perks for a 20km run.

    My observations on HSBC which you could improve on for the ING run, I mean come on your clients are multinationals doing great runs in other countries you should do better…

    strategic positioning of hydration stations, you probably didn’t do an actual run on the route to know which side the runners would be running on, your stations, at least 3 of them for the 10k run which I did, were on the opposite side and such a waste of time if I have to unnecessarily go there losing precious seconds, i was so dehydrated during the run expecting some isotonic drink at the finish line and there was NONE

    i was badly injured and could not regain my momentum on that first turn-around where you only had 1 marshall to cater to runners na nagmamadali and nagkabuhol buhol the yarn necklace, it was already on the road and while running at a speed of 10km per hour at the least I had to make a full stop to bend down and pick up that F*&King yarn necklace, it hurt my muscles pretty bad and from then on I slowed down, it was the worst finish I ever had

    any energy food/drink should be distributed at the finish line or if there must be a booth, it must have a reasonable ratio of distributors vis-a-vis runners, or categorized into distance ran by the runner, fyi, the minerals from these food/drink are better absorbed within the first 15minutes after the run. For the HSBC run you gave us purified water despite loss of mineral salts and the distribution area for water had no proper directional signs. Worse, there were no isotonic drinks, i mean come on, your registration was expensive for you not to afford to give a drink or maybe bargain with your sponsors.

    Loot distribution, I finished in 68 minutes more or less but you let me line up (standing up) for the loot for another 110 minutes, waiting time for the loot was longer than my run….when I got to the booth you only had Large size shirts, your bibs should have indicated the size of the shirts for claiming the size of the shirts so there is no size bargaining…I am 48kilos yet I got a large shirt, yeah big deal for me and yes the banana I got only after 2 hours….as mentioned minerals from food/drinks are better absorbed during the first 15 minutes after the run.

    Please get inspiration from coach Rio’s events

    Now I paid 1000 for ING 20, I hope I get my money’s worth

  21. is it worth to join the ING run? i’m also interested but not sure whether winning the raffle to the NYC run will mean that the organizer would sponsor you all the way and not just the slot. kasi if ever na manalo ako, wala din akong money to go to NYC to run hehehehehe! i hope they could offer it for P700 at least just like globe did. pareho naman sila ng foundation na sinusuportahan.

  22. @atticus, it only guarantees a slot and not sponsorship. i’d probably pay $11 online and join the lottery if i’m really serious in joining. sana nga maibaba nila ung fee to P700. ang sa akin na lang eh sana all 20k runners will get their money’s worth at hindi ung pipila ka na naman ng sobrang haba para sa loot bag


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