HSBC 135 Fun Run – November 6, 2010

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HSBC is celebrating its 135 years in the Philippines with a Fun Run event happening on November 6, 2010. Here’s how to join.

HSBC 135 Fun Run
November 6, 2010 @ 5:30am
Fort Bonifacio Global City
100m Dash / 3K / 5K / 10K

Registration Fees:
100m Dash – PHP 350
(Race Kit & Singlet)

3K / 5K / 10K – PHP 600 (Early Bird), PHP 750 (Regular)
(Race Kit, Baller Band, Sports Bottle, Singlet & Finisher Shirt)

Register on or before October 10, 2010 to avail of the early bird discount.

Support us by joining our Events

You may choose to register online or at any of our identified registration venues:

I. Online Registration
1. Visit any participating HSBC or HSBC Savings Bank branch and pay for the registration fee through any of the following accounts:
* HSBC Main
* Account Name: HSBC in the Community
* SA No.: 00-279497-070
* HSBC Savings Bank
* Account Name: HSBC 135 Run
* SA No.: 068-002807-070
2. Complete the online registration form: Click Here to Register Online
3. Only early bird registrants are guaranteed to receive specified singlet sizes. Singlet sizes after October 10 will be subject to stock availability.
4. Race kits will be delivered on or before 5 November 2010. If you wish to have the race kits delivered to you, please include the P100 delivery fee when making your payment. However, if you prefer to personally claim your race kit, please choose a pick-up point from our list registration venues when you register online.

II. Registration Venues
You may also pay and register at any of the establishments listed below: 13 – 31 October 2010, 12:00nn to 8:00pm from Wednesday to Sunday.
1. ROX, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
2. Reebok, Trinoma, EDSA, QC
3. Reebok, Mall of Asia, Pasay
4. Royal Sporting House, Glorietta, Makati
5. Royal Sporting House, Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa

Singlet Design for HSBC 135 Run:


HSBC 135 Run – Race Maps:

For inquiries, please call the Event Secretariat at (02) 4393256 or (02) 3486784 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Monday to Friday.
Or visit the official website at:


  1. I went to Festival Mall yesterday for an early registration but when we were at Royal Sports they pointed us to Rebook. Then the crew on Rebook told us that they don’t have any form and it will only come on the 13th. Time and Gasoline wasted. Now thinking how well is this fun run organized. I am disappointed.Well I will still give it a try but I hope they give a discount. How I wish :).

  2. how come hsbc employess are not given any discounts???
    the size and measurement of the singlets are not specified as well!
    whats the cath in this early bird promo if the shirt doesn’t fit you well?

  3. I went yesterday to Glorietta’s Royal Sporting House to register myself and my friend. I was so excited for the singlet and the running kit only to be disappointed by the fact that these are not available yet and the attendant asked me to just come back on Wednesday Oct 20th for the Singlet and Race Bib. After paying P1,500.00 she just handed me a back to back pamphlet after she wrote our name, singlet size and the race category. No receipt at all. You just have to present it upon redemption she added.

    For the information of others, the Singlet’s available sizes are S, M, L and XL. Fortunately they allow size changes in case it doesn’t fit but you have to go to the store to do that.

    I think it’s not that well organized unlike other marathons that I joined.

    Anyways, I’m excited still. See you all on the venue and enjoy.

  4. @jon r, same issues here. heard from a friend that you still have it changed at registration centers. but defeats the purpose of having it delivered on your doorsteps

    @ecko_khalil, this event is a bit expensive compared to most. hopefully they’d pull out a good one on race day itself

  5. @ pseudo barefoot runner. Yup it is. Nyways, I’m also hoping that something good is in store during the event and that’s worth waiting for.

  6. well, something good is definetely happening (to me at least) i will be running with an exBF. pardon to his current partner, may i borrow your Bf for a day… well, other than that, hope that HSBC’s VP Jason is present during the run… Jason stop calling me pare. I hate “cho” for that… hahaha

  7. Anybody here experiencing delays in the delivery of the race kit & singlet? I registered online and until now I haven’t received mine. By the way @pseudo barefoot runner, I emailed Pepsquad and hindi naman nag reply. I’m beginning to regret joining this run. I hope the run itself will not be a disappointment (that is if I’ll get my race kit/singlet).

    Has anybody done any reviews on the run organizers – how good or bad their runs have turned out? As much as I would want to join many runs (specially those for a cause), I think it’s high time to be choosy…at least for me.

  8. @rose nope na ata… sabi sa glorietta hanggang sunday lang daw… try calling the organizers.

    in fairness, maganda yung singlet…sana maganda rin yung finisher’s shirt.

  9. @RunsNRoses Me and my wife too haven’t got my kit. I don’t know the catch of this early bird (singlet size)but something is wrong with the distribution. My office mate, me and my wife still don’t have our names on the list. ROX representative says she will text us if already available. 5 days to go, wala pa rin??? Big question to the organizer.

  10. @runs&roses, pep squad isn’t replying to my emails as well *sigh* fortunately i was able to get my race kit. bib at singlet lang, wala ung baller band at sports bottle. i’ll try to get in touch with hsbc’s event secretariat

  11. @pseudo barefoot runner, haven’t got my kit.. does ROX representatives still available today, to get my running kits? and is it complete w/ the baller band and sports bottle?

  12. @railrunner..Same case here, went to HSBC and paid then registered online. I even replied to PepSquad’s email asking my option and I chose I’d pick up the kit between Oct 20-24, 2010 at ROX. I went to ROX on Oct 24 only to be told by their rep (like you) that I’ll receive a text when my kit is already there for pick up. And it seems they are now delivering it to everyone? So yes, the distribution is a mess. My officemate just got her singlet/bib a few minutes ago and I didn’t get mine. Then the delivery man left a singlet/bib here for another runner who we do not know. Tsk Tsk. I never learn my lesson. This is the second bad experience I’m having with this “free delivery” thingy after Pink Run (not that I choose that option, I always prefer pick up). I do hope Coach Rio will change his mind about the “free delivery” of the kits for the Unilab run this November – it really is a mess.

  13. agree, their delivery is really a mess.been calling 4392561 and 3486784 and both have different opinions, one says its for pick up and other said it was already with their courier.thsi is so stressful. makes me want to think all fun runs are like this and makes me not want to join fun run anymore.

  14. From the very start I think there was something wrong with the organizer. When I registered last Oct 16th, the associate at RSH Glorietta just handed me a pamphlet as proof that I actually paid. No receipts at all and I got nothing even the bib since they dont have yet the running kit with them. She just told me to come back the following week. I did only to be disappointed because according to them nothing is being delivered yet and advise me again to come back the following week. I didn’t took heed to their advise for practical reason. I just called them instead deligently everyday. Alas, the singlet was delivered last Oct 25th but for size Small only. Bigger sizes was only delivered last Oct 28th. So I went to RSH again on that day but the problem was my name is not yet in the official list of registrants that they have. Imagine? Anyways I just kept calm and I just presented my only proof – the pamphlet. So I got my bib and singlet on that day after diligently convincing the lady that I already paid them and help her locate my name on the notebook where she jot down my name on the 16th. I left the store with a couple of people also making follow up with the already startled HSBC associate there. “Kawawa naman” :(

    Lucky me I was able to get my running kit way ahead of the race itself. I’m beginning to love this new-found sport and I promised myself that I wont be deterred by the organizer’s inefficiency and lack of planning to keep on running in the future. But I’m pretty sure that they will learn a lot from this and in case they organize another marathon, I’m pretty sure that they would improve tremendously.

    For others, just keep on making follow up with them until you get your kits. Let’s enjoy the marathon this Sat and forget about this not so good experience. :)

  15. Fellow runners….i also suffered extreme inconvenience with the in-store registration which i thought would be cause less hassle but no i had to go back & call them a number of times for my available size & when i finally had a confirmation of it, i waited for 1 1/2 hour for the the rep at royal sporting house to arrive. There were even a number of registrants who were frustrated bec. they used their lunch breaks to get their kit only to find out that the rep has not arrived. I am hoping that on the event day things would turn out well to compensate for the inconvenience that we all went through….:(

  16. Hi,

    Ang alam ko, for those who did not avail early registrant, you can get your singlet from where you registered, pero delayed yung delivery nila ng singlet, so siguro pwede nyong balikan. I registered on line and binalikan ko lang ng paulit ulit yung singlet, until mag karoon na sya. i even called the secretarriat for how many times, asking when will be the singlet available for pick up. After two weeks of their commitment, naging available na sila. Yung reserved sizes nga lang did not happened. kung sino na lang siguro yung dumating, nakakapili sila. From what they, announced first come first serve, but only those early registrant has the right to reserve their sizes.. pero anyway, I got mine na naman, other inclusion in the race kit as mentioned in their Ad are not included, sa Race na daw makukuha yun. Yung Singlet at Bib lang ang nakuha ko. Walang lalagyan or envelop not even a plastic sando bag… as is where is… hehehehe at least naka plastic yung Bib.

  17. Which run events were organized by PepSquad so far? I know they did Miles for Smiles and ok naman. I’m guessing nagkakaproblema lang whenever there’s early bird registration and singlets are not available at the start of the registration period – exact scenario during pink run – otherwise, maayos naman. But unlike Pink Run’s singlet, which was supplied by Accel, mukhang ordinary lang naman itong sa HSBC, despite the fact that it was designed by Rajo Laurel. I don’t even find it of good quality. Anyways, let’s just hope that the race itself will not be a disappointment. But I bet the baller band and sports drink bottle are with HSBC logo – tipong corporate giveaways ba pag Christmas hehe…sana lang may free taho :)

    By the way, has anybody joined any run event where a giveaway is a towel? Kahit good morning towel ba pamunas ng pawis :P – very useful di ba?

  18. I hope I can finish the 10K race before the event ends lol =). I am suffering from extreme leg and knee pain it all started after my last race on Adidas. I went to the hospital and undergo x ray operation but no osseous nor joint changes found, but everytime I try to run my knee way down to my ankle hurts. They advise me to go to ortho, cguro after na ng event na to baka di nila ko payagan tumakbo eh? haha.. Cguro naman iintayin ako ng mga organizer matapos maglalakad lang kse ako haha.. no joke! maglalakad tlaga ko.. Last race event ko na kse toh focus muna ako sa work ang review for board exam.. See you all this Saturday.. Kapag may nakita kayong naglalakad ako na yun haha.. Mdami naman akong baong salonpas lol.. =)

  19. @RunsNRoses….i got a towel from Blue Water Day spa & I think SlimmeRun… In fairness the one given by Blue Water was of good quality made and LOL i think i got the good morning towel from SlimmeRun :)

  20. @cecille Good for you! I think towels should be a standard giveaway at the finish line hehe..kahit pa good morning lang. At least libreng greeting na din after the race (“good morning”) – corny ko :P Yung ibang runners kasi parang ayaw talaga magpunas ng pawis even after the run. I witnessed during the Finex run where people circled the taho man after the run. Nakatingin sa loob ng container ng taho while sweat was trickling down their faces. So I backed out na lang hehe.

  21. @BENCH mag-Skelan…it worked for me…]

    natapos ko ang 2nd 10k run ko in less than one hour…around 59 mins…that’s 6-7 mins faster than my first…

    my assessment of the event… 8! ang pangit lang, ang haba ng line sa pagkuha ng giveaways… other than that, it’s pretty good!

  22. and it was first time to run alone! so stupid talaga… ang hirap makiusap sa iba para magpakuha ng picture… kailangan ko na talaga ng running buddy o kaya ng running date!

    anyone? =)

  23. Had a great great time running for HSBC Marathon. Pansin ko lang, parang almost all marathons recently puro African ang nananalo. Mga professional runners na un. Can they have separate category say “Foreign Professional Runners” so that Filipinos can have a better chance to clinch the trophy. Hehehehe. Suggestion lang naman. But I enjoyed the give aways. The sports bottle, shirt, baller band and the free saging. Ung mga lumang issues ng magazine di ko na pinilahan. Kudos to the organizer despite some minor problems with the logistics and registration procedures.


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