Camsur Marathon 2010 – Race Results

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Congratulations to those who joined and finished the Camsur Marathon 2010 that happened on September 26, 2010. Race Results of the event will be posted for download here soon.

Camsur Marathon Race Results:
Marathon List of Winners
3 Kilometers – Male
3 Kilometers – Female
5 Kilometers – Male
5 Kilometers – Female
10 Kilometers – Male
10 Kilometers – Female
21 Kilometers – Male
21 Kilometers – Female
42 Kilometers – Male
42 Kilometers – Female

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Camsur Marathon 2010 – Photos

For now please feel free to post comments and feedback about this event here.

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  1. I was in CAMSUR with my family and friends from FitnessFirst and explore the old churches in Albay, Legaspi and Naga. The event went well but we encounter problem in our way in and out of CWC complex. I dont want to complain because I was having a good bonding time with my family beside I finish the race with a improve time and a cheers from my wife and my 2 daughters. Since we cannot get out from the complex I just spent my waiting time cheering the 42k fellow runner 300 meters from the finish line (ang init kasi 9am na kulang sa shade/trees). Oh well that event was really expensive and fun, I'm looking forward for the next run basta lang wag na muna sa The FORT or MOA and Alabang medyo he he he nakakasawa e.

  2. …it was my first provincial marathon, i love the place we visited, tabaco, daraga, legaspi, cagsawa and taking photos of mayon volcano was breathtaking… but! on that morning sept.26 RACE DAY'…i think some of the participants specially the students. they thought it was an "alay lakad" event'…they walk hand and hand blocking , in groups… less road marshalls to control and guide the runners… specially in the morning going to the Starting line'… it was a success when it comes to the number of participants but things went wrong sa "order" ng race….Runrio pa nman…

  3. I came all the way from manila to joined the Camsur Marathon and it was worth the trip, kahit malayo

    I really enjoy the run and the nature around, i finished my 10k, kaya lang bakit wala pong certificate?


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