Ondoy No More Run 2010 – Race Results

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Congratulations to those who joined the Ondoy No More Fun Run on September 26, 2010. Race results are now available for download!

Download Race Results Here:
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For now please feel free to post feedback and suggestions about this event:

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  1. Quite a tough course…however the race director shouldn’t have shortened the 10k event…the total distance covered was just 8.5k on my garmin. Felt shortchanged bec of this..time result is not for 10k. I hope that when they say its a 10k course they should stick with it since some are using the event as a training run. Overall I had a good run but disappointed at the end due to shortened distance.

  2. Considering the toughness of the course with its killer climbs, might as well consider it more than its actual distance. A real 10km course on flat terrain is certainly much much easier.

  3. Just my opinion Garmin is using top view satellite GPS distance. Since it is top view, distance is shorter than actual because of the uphills(a kilometer road doesn't read a kilometer on a top view if it is on a 45 degrees angle)… But base on my Nike+ distance is still shorter on the 10k course, my Nike+ reads 9.6km. Overall a good and exciting run but not worth it for a php5OO fee.

  4. it couldn’t have possibly been a 9.6K in my opinion. i ran the course at a super easy pace since i was anticipating the hills and even then, i was faster by about 10 minutes from my regular 10K time. It was definitely shorter. no garmin or nike+ need have told me that.

  5. @Jack, yes its just 8.5k. I also met a lady with who said her garmin registered the same. I would like to think the satellite's measurement is accurate. Otherwise, all routes tracked by satellite would be wrong, right?

    Also, it didn't quite feel like a 10k since I ran a sub 60 with killer hills to boot…anyway, the run is finished and as I've said, I enjoyed it even if it was shorter than 10k…

  6. coach bananaman—did you calibrate your nike+? also you might consider reading about your gadget's accuracy in runnersworld so you'll at least have an idea…

  7. i already gave this feedback to chris aguilar, the race organizer. the results are incredibly wrong! i ran 10K with bib no 1007 and my friend run with bib no 1007 — but we are nowhere in the results! instead, OTHER NAMES are using our bib nos. we could tolerate all the other things that didnt go well with this race, but this results-error is just way too much. we just have to tell the other runners to think twice before they sign up with the people behind this event.


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