5 Spices That Can Help You Fight Fat and Lose Weight


Do you love adding spices to your meals? Then your favorite spices might actually be helping you slim down and reduce that mid-section. Here’s a quick summary on the 5 Spices that can help you lose weight coming from the original article I read from Yahoo Shine.

1. Cinnamon – can help by reducing blood sugar and promoting healthier processing of carbohydrates.
2. Cayenne – with capsaicin as its main ingredient, it has been studied for its fat-burning abilities and thermogenic properties.
3. Black Pepper – has the ability to improve digestion and promote the absorption of nutrients in tissues all over the body and boost fat metabolism.
4. Mustard Seed – helps boost metabolism and allows you to burn fat more quickly.
5. Ginger – an effective diuretic, improves gastric mobility, and hinders the absorption of cholesterol.

As for me who loves pepper on my soups and pasta… more pepper please.


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