4th Auto Review Run 2010 – Race Results

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For those who joined the 4th Auto Review Run on September 25, 2010. Race Results are now available.

Download Race Results Here:
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For now feel free to post feedback and comments about the event here:

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  1. I know there were marshals collecting the bib stubs from the runners before crossing the finish line. But did anyone notice if there was actually somebody recording the time of each runner? If there was, how were they recording it? Pen on paper OR via a data entry timing device that looks like an oversized calculator (I’ve seen these before in other races)?

  2. @Rotech: pag umubra ok na rin. pareho ang oras ko sa stopwatch at sa orasan sa finish line. sana ganun din ang oras ko sa ilalabas na resulta.pag ganyan nangyari maniniwala na ako na ok nga ang data entry device nila.

  3. I noticed meron cla mga encoder sa gilid ng Start /Finish Line… kung may Radio mga technical staffs nila kunin lng BIB No. ng runner kung finished line na cya at i encode agad…nice sana kung ganun din sistema….

  4. We have a great run inspite of longer 5.2km (based on mapmyrun). Saturday fun runs make my weekends longer indeed. Next, Pasig River Run, here we come! =)

  5. @John: Try joining runs in UP that are organized by UP Dept, clubs, organizations and internal groups and you’ll know that there are a lot of worst runs than what was worst to you. Ok na ang Auto Review Run pre, for a cause naman yan. Yung sa UP, pang fund raising lang talaga nila. Huwag kayong sasali doon dahil sayang lang ang pera niyo.

  6. no glow-in-the-dark singlet

    di man nilakihan yung reflector sa likod ng singlet.

    no loot bags yet so many sponsors

    plastic straw bands???

    no more Auto Review run next year. YES!

  7. My fellow runners, ok na rin yan, bawi na lang tayo sa ibang takbuhan. Sa akin ang mahalaga, the event was held on a Saturday that made me feel that I have a very long weekend. I just hope that there are more Saturday races to come. So to those planning for a running event in the future, make it a Saturday, it could somehow add interest to other runners.

  8. And i noticed that 5K is more than that 5K.. i exerts efforts on my run on this event and i feel i am more faster than before i ran the Miles for Smiles.. i didnt even stop i continue running unlike from Miles for Smiles i stop running 3 times cause of traffic signal and i observed my time this run is more slower than Miles for Smiles…

  9. Let me reiterate that I am satisfied with the Auto Review Run but contradicts the opinion of John that it was the worst run ever. It may not have kilometer markers but the more important hydration stations are strategically there. In the issue of the UP sponsored runs, I will campaign for runners not to join in their runs for various reasons which I experienced and perhaps dealt with too by other runners. Just search the Tiktakbo 3 and the Activate here. You can read all those. Have you encountered a race result with just bib number on it without name? It was only in UP.

  10. Seeing that some runners have stated that the 10km course was short by 300 meters (Stella Que’s Garmin), when is an inaccuracy in the distance really acceptable? By how much? 100 meters? 300 meters? 1 kilometer?

  11. Runrio’s Globe Run For Home in March was over by 600 meters for 21K; The last Figaro Run was short of couple of meters for the 5K and 10K (based on feedback from those who ran it), last year’s Rotarun was deficient of 3K for the 21K (last minute assumption by Takbo.ph because the original unprofessional organizers backed out), and so on and so forth. Is it acceptable to incur inaccuracies in routes, the answer is “Yes”. It is all part of the big “Running Game”. And all part of the learning process. But of course, these organizers should learn and be more responsible next time.

  12. @Rotech: In fairness to UP organized Run, I have joined one that was not that bad. Clear route, well-placed water station, enough marshalls, singlet and they even had an RFID tag. That was for the UP Enggfinity Race last July 2010 where the reg fee was only 300 bucks. For me, the worst/most disappointing run still is Figaro 'coz it seemed like the organizer didn't prepare for any pre- and post event activities. At least the Auto Review Run had exhibitors, we just weren't that interested coz they weren't giving it away for free… =P

    Oh BTW, I'm not from UP so no biased here.

  13. the singlet i got doesn’t fit on me… i ordered a 2xl size but it seems it looks like it’s just a large size. for the 5k, i didn’t have the straw (because they didn’t prepare enough straws) who serves as a proof that you reached the turning points and some of the marshals were just standing chatting on each others and not guiding the runners. i saw a 3k runner who run on the route of 5k (i don’t know if this runner was lost or just want to run on the 5k route). there are also lots of stop over due to intersections (the fort strider run route for 5k is better because it only had an intersection which is after the serendra stop light). also, there are just two portalets, and last, wow… there are lots of giveaway (a small bottle of pocari sweat) but thanks GOD there’s an unlimited milo cold drink, a free bag on the resort world booth, and a free 200 gift certificate discount on the aap (but unfortunately i can’t use it). i hope that next year (if there will be a 5th auto review), organizers learn lessons on what happened on last saturday.

  14. @John – when i checked the result and try to find the result thru ur name, nothing came out…but when i checked thru ur bib number…hahaha…it surprised me “adrain aquino” came out….this run is obviously not accurate…very funny.

  15. @Rotech I didnt say it was the worst run “ever”. I just said it was the “worst” compared with the other 4 runs I’ve been too. I hope to see some improvements in the future.

    @Kester thanks for the info. I’m runner 8569 and they got the wrong name. Obviously, my first name is “John”.

  16. Race results are out, am glad my name is correct and my time is accurate, same with my time, good for me. But is there any photos? hehe if there is, kindly post the link. Thanks

    My Rate for this event: overall 8 out of 10

  17. @John: He he he! Pre, there's your quote at item no. 14. Mahirap ideny yun. You said "worst run ever". I don't have time to read the link you posted there. But you can't deny what you quoted there. Your explanation happens to be irrelevant. Be careful in posting your quote next time.

    John says, "No. 23 @Rotech I didnt say it was the worst run “ever”. I just said it was the “worst” compared with the other 4 runs I’ve been too. I hope to see some improvements in the future."

  18. sobrang trapik po ng run n ito. nkakuha sana ko ng mas mbabang time kong hindi ako humihinto kpg may mga sasakyan na dumaraan. kala ko b autoreview ito? ung mga marshalls mas binibigyan nila ng way ung mga sasakyan?dapat pala ung mga car ang lumahok s run. napansin ko rin n ung time nong start e hindi accurate. hindi p lumbas ang name ko s result pero nkpost ang race bib # ko..

  19. I was happy with the Auto Review run. There was a good atmosphere, the race started reasonably promptly, there was no question over direction (in my opinion) and there were a sufficient number of marshals/ water stations. Granted there were no km. markers and the distance was a little questionable but no one's perfect ;) Very prompt with posting of race results! Well done organisers. On to the next one :)

  20. Quite a good race. Way, way better than the PIDM last June 12, which was the worst for me. Water stations were more than adequate. Nice singlet. Only frustration was the giveaway. I’d gladly join the 5th one next year. :)

  21. @Rotech: The Figaro run was short by 1.6 kilometers based on runners with Garmin GPS watches during the event. That for me is unforgiveable. Many would agree that 1.6 kilometers off is too much. It can actually account for as much as 15 minutes savings on one’s PR depending on the runner. Maybe 100 meters off at the most should be the standard. I agree with the Saturday schedule though. Leaves Sunday free for the family. Hydration booths were sufficient and well stationed as well.

    Most importantly now, kudos on the quick and generally accurate results! =)

  22. quite fast in releasing the results. and the accuracy is only off by a few seconds

    @turtlerunner, it frustrates us all especially when you have to stop. it irritates me as well. but this is a fact that i have to accept since organizers can only manage partial road closure. if they can do a full one similar to international races then that would be great :)

  23. Ok sana yung singlet, kaya lang maliit ang sukat, naubusan na agad ng extra large sizes… feeling laki tuloy ng katawan ko habang tumatakbo, hehehe!

  24. Nice running weather…well positioned hydrating stations…and this time they got our(my friend and I) race bib no.s right with the name. Naging male yun female ko na friend sa Run2Read; and nawala yun bib no.(wala na ngang pangalan at bib no. na lang) ng other friend ko sa Figaro Run. Wala lang give-away…O well, it was a one fine day for a run.

  25. the event was successful, but not like the other event in marathon, like the give away? wala but kasama sa cnbi…… photo vendo also are very frustating kz no picture to be happy with………event the certificate are not that organized to give to the runners…….their were no personel after the race to accompanied the runners, kaya un…..


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