4th Auto Review Run 2010 – Race Maps

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For those joining the 4th Auto Review Fun Run happening on September 25, 2010, you can view the race maps here.

4th Auto Review Run – 10k Race Mappinoyfitness_auto_run_10k_map
4th Auto Review Run – 5k Race Mappinoyfitness_auto_run_5k_map
4th Auto Review Run – 3k Race Mappinoyfitness_auto_run_3k_map

For more details about the event visit: 4th Auto Review Run 2010


  1. finally they fixed the link. downloaded it last night and i got all files showing 10k routes. appreciate the directions as well. the 10k route seems a bit short by a few meters. at least its not a kilometer unlike figaro and ace hardware


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