Barefoot Fun Run in the Philippines? – Yes or No?


It seems like barefoot running is starting to catch-on here in the Philippines, so a thought just came to me… how about a Barefoot Fun Run Event? Just want to hear your thoughts about this… Yes? No?

Let’s put it to a vote, shall we?


  1. oh c'mon get real.. vff looks odd and funny.. like gorilla feet on steroids.. try terra plana vivobarefoot.. its sexier with better barefoot experience.

  2. @pseudo — same with me initially until i learned that the evos do not use plastic–they are recycled PET which is like real mesh–very airy when i use them…just knowing the eco-sustainable cred of the evos really make me inspired! as for the rubbing in the heel part– i had that too during my 1st day but after that, nada! i love these and they are gorgeous!!!

  3. @stella, thanks for the info.pretty aware on the material they’ve used. still feels plastic to me. heel rub is a critical issue to me. never had this on my minimalis footwear. which is why im waiting for their new product to come out next year


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