Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2010 – Singlet and Registration

Adidas King of the Road 2010 Singlet

The Adidas King of the Road 2010: Be Faster, is open to all interested participants be it for recreational or competitive runners. Take part in the biggest and most prestigious race of the year you’ll definitely enjoy and remember.

Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2010
October 24, 2010 (Sunday)
The Fort, Taguig
5K / 10K / 21K

Main Sponsor: Adidas Philippines

Registration Fee for this event is P850. Each kit contains a unique BLACK singlet that comes with a timing chip that will help you improve your run, a race bib, race routes/maps, a timing band and some guidelines to help you prepare for the race.

Registration Period: September 24 – October 17, 2010


Download Registration Form Here:
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Adidas King of the Road 2010 Singlet Design


Registration Venues:
RUNNR, RUNNR Cebu, adidas Trinoma, adidas Greenbelt, adidas Rockwell, adidas Ayala Center Cebu, adidas Gateway, adidas Glorietta, adidas Shangri-la, adidas Eastwood, adidas Alabang Town Center and adidas Newport City.

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  1. If you noticed, the black clima cool apparels of Adidas are often left in stocks at stores. Other colors were sold out easily. It is possible also that huge inventory of black clima cool textiles are in their warehouse. To utilize such huge stocks and to prevent losses from getting worn out, the only logical thing to do is to use it as materials for singlets in the KOTR.

  2. The singlet looks more like a staff shirt for me. Couldn't they add more designs on this one, like commemorate that this is for the 2010 race, etc.. I agree with Rotech that this are made of stuff that are hard to sell.

  3. I don't like the color black either. I agree with Rotech, looks like they are disposing old stocks, last year's yellow singlet is far better compared to this year's shirt. Also, it seems there's no difference between the singlet for men and women, looks the same to me.

  4. This is going to be my first time to join KOTR. But it’s kind of disappointing now.. I was at first excited to join this event because of the nice singlet and expected this year’s design to be the same if not much better. Probably the reason why the registration fee cost a lot this year is because the singlet really is from old and unsold stocks. Sad to say, this took away a bit of the excitement. Anyway, hoping the actual race will be a more unforgettable one.

  5. @rai

    how about st.peter life run. Its on the same day and with a difference of 800pesos for the registration. That's if you really want to miss KOTR.

  6. there is no even a statement on the back that would motivate other runners. i hope the race itself will not be a big disappointment. i’ve waited a whole year just for this. tsk tsk when is the NIKE run?

  7. You should never miss the Adidas KOTR, it may be expensive but the experience is all worthwhile. If you’re on a habit of joining two or more races in a month, just drop one or two and pour in your budget on the KOTR.

  8. pot,

    check out the design 1st before you go for the specific size.

    keep on running. . .

    run healthy.. .. ..

    run safe… … …

  9. @ped tnx for the advice but ,, i don’t have choice ,, i all ready done my registration and i pick-up XL for women.. ^_^ .. pls give me more advice, pano hinid macyado mahala ung pang women singlet ,, ^_^

  10. @ped tnx for the advice but ,, i don't have choice, i all ready done my registration and i pick-up XL for women. pano hinid macyado mahala ung pang women singlet ,, ^_^

  11. @maui…check adidas greenbelt & glorietta but the remaining sizes they have the last time we checked were large sizes for men. Why don't you get in touch with PED, get the large size then swap it with his XL for women. the XL size is not that big, coz i have a medium built body but the large size i got just fitted me

  12. @pot i tried the the XL for ladies kaso nag mukha ako macho dancer. and i think it's kinda short.

    i settled getting the XL. kahit na nagmukha akong malnourished.

    XL na lang meron sa greenbelt 3 at glo 3.

  13. pot,

    if you’re comfortable with the fit, then it’s good.

    i don’t think people will even notice the “slight” difference…

    keep on running…
    run healthy. . . .
    run safe. . . .

  14. I don’t run just because of the singlet. I have a goal for myself to improve on my personal time record. I don’t know why people are so particular when it comes to the singlet. Will the singlet have too much impact on your running? Just a thought.

  15. I agree with pseudo barefoot runner… runners are simply appreciative of nicely designed singlets as they are with well organized races. I run races without singlets… havin’ a nice singlet is a bonus… a cool memento…

  16. anybody who is willing to exchange the ff please text me at 0922.8714209!:)

    men’s xl to men’s medium
    men’s xl to men’s small


  17. @maui

    i bumped into a lady friend of mine yesterday afternoon who’ve just registered at Trinoma…..

    but only “XL” singlets were available.


  18. my friend and i really wanted to join KOTR this oct.24 but the problem is there are no singlet for women and 5k are filled up only 10 are available.pls help us thanks alot

  19. Hey you can join me during my Sunday runs. Luneta to Marina and back. approx. 21k

    Pass with KOTR, too expensive and too bored with Fort boni. runs, nothing is exciting in this event for me.. Will run St peter instead… with better cause for Bantay Bata pa. It will be held in tiendesitas, Ortigas ave.

  20. @MHYRA

    if you want, you can register for 10k then we swap race bibs. we are registered for 5k bec they ran out of 10k at Trinoma. but for the singlets, we also got xl men’s.:)

  21. Hi! anyone of you guys will not be able to join the KOTR but was able to register? either 5K or 10K? I run outta slots today. Just let me know! you can email me @ [email protected] or txt me @ 09275172047/09327221305. Thanks!

  22. I was expecting for a REFLECTIVE STRAP (Each race kit will contain a singlet, a race bib, a reflective slap strap, race routes/ maps, a timing band and guidelines, that’s why I registered early in Eastwood. Wala naman pala. Tapos, dami nag-iisip baka maubusan sila foods lalo na yung mga 21k…yun pala ganun lang ang laman. ok na din nman. pantawid gutom. kaso Adidas didnt give what they have promised. Parang bumili lang tuloy ako ng singlet. Adidas is my 16th race so far this year. I’m running because of the giveaways but because of my passion. Pero siempre you will expect what they have promised. Ok sana yung reflective strap especially kapag tumatakbo ako ng madaling araw. sayang. Nakakapanghinayang tuloy. Bigla ko tuloy naisip, everybody there yesterday ran for the NAME ADIDAS and not because of the beneficiaries. Sana nag-St Peter Run na lang ako dahil sa good cause. Same lang naman. tatakbo ka lang din nman.


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