Adobo Run After Dark – October 30, 2010


Organized by Without Limits and sponsored by Adobo Magazine comes another night run dubbed ‘The Adobo Run After Dark 2010’ coming this October 30 at McKinley Hill.

Adobo Run After Dark 2010
October 30, 2010 @ 6PM
McKinley Hill
3K / 5K / 10K

Registration Fee for this event is PHP 600.00

Registration Centers:
ROX, Secondwind, Adobo Magazine HQ (Pasong Tamo Ext.), The Block (McKinley Hill)

Online Registration:
Click Here for Online Registration via

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Start of Registration is on September 10, 2010

For more information contact:
Kyle @ 09162437390
Email: [email protected]

Singlet Design for Adobo Run 2010



  1. So disappointing to register at ROX, they keep us wait for 3hours, then when they finally seated sa booth nila, they did not entertain registrants they have to take a break pa daw muna…. hay nako kakalokah…

  2. after running session last sat oct 16, we went there to register for adobo run, 8:30pm palang wala nang tao sa booth ng adobo run,samantalang sa ibang run event bukas pa, hello! its weekend dapat late din sila umuuwi, that’s customer service.dapat sila ang naghihintay hindi ang customer, ang tao na d masabihan d umaasenso:)

  3. this event was such a disaster!!! Whoever organized this fun run must be stuck in traffic for more than 2 hours so he’ll get to experience what it feels like to wait and suffer from ulcer. yesterday, as i’m about to go home at 6pm from work without having my lunch yet, nobody from their staff has a kind heart to inform ahead the people to expect heavy traffic from Fort Bonifacio gate all the way to The Fort. they should have at least post a notice prior to the event venue to expect a heavy traffic so that people would at least make a way to re-route and won’t experience a hell traffic. The usual travel time of 10 min from work to my home became a 2-hour travel due to their event. Aside from not considering the road construction that causes the build-up, not a single marshal has the initiative to go further & inform the travelers not to pass the area. the event was really an annoyance and i think it was planned out of nowhere just to make money. if it was properly managed, organizers should have thought that it’s a Saturday therefore many people would be on the road to go to their respective gigs and since its in night time and the area covered includes the main road, all of the means of transportation will also be on the road – i guess there wouldn’t be any problem if they did it early morning where people are still not up and minimal vehicles are on the road. i just hope that this would serve as an eye-opener to the future fun run organizers so they won’t give any hassle and headache to the commuters & travelers..

  4. Like To comment opn the adobo run after the dark race.
    1. To the organizers know the pain that an athlete undergoes/
    2. The organization was indeed poor
    a)the traffic
    b)the guides
    3) like to say shame on the organizer who only steal the money from the athletes only to enrich themselves.Why didnt they not even reward the top three finishers from every category then pocket the rest.
    4.The organizer you are killing the spirit of an athleete rather than up-lifting
    5.People spend there money going for the registration,then registering,coming for the race then finally given beer in the name of “free” yet their money was used to purchase.
    6.Be gentlemen and human for the mutual benefit.
    The sponsors too be vigilant.

  5. HEY! To Adobo Organizer listen up!

    I was one of the 10k runner,I agree with liz reyes,dapat talaga may at least 1 week notice regarding traffic re route lalo na sa mga d alam na may fun run event, ako nga na late sa run dahil sa bottle neck outside the gate for 30 mins.buti nakahabol ako sumabay ako sa 5k naabutan ko pa mga 10k runners.

    anyway ok na sa na ang fun run event, alam nyo saan kayo pumalpak? san napunta yung lootbag namin ha? at walang humarap na representaive man lang,nakapila kami sa booth tapos bigla sasabihin wala nang lootbag, anong reason yan?
    in the first place kung wala kayo maibibigay wag na kayo mag lagay ng coupon sa racebib na may lootbag,ano akala nyo sa amin mga refugees pipila para sa kamote? ang masasabi ko lang niloko nyo lang sarili nyo,kasi kami maloloko mo lang once wala na next time.

  6. This run is VERY DISSAPOINTING. Given the fact that the registration fee is higher than your average run, you would expect a little more effort from (WITHOUT LIMITS.) It was highly disorganized. The plastic cups from the water stations were all over the place, walang basurahan. Most of the runners from the 5 to 10k division did not get their lootbags. (I wonder where all the funds went?) The tracks went through a high traffic area which was not supposed to happen. I rate this 1 out of 10.

  7. Oh, not to mention the hotline was utterly USELESS. They cancel your calls and tell you “hindi lang po hotline ang trabaho ko.” To the organizers, you should appoint people who are willing to be responsible for their given tasks. People expect to get their money’s worth.

  8. I agree with all the comments written here, mga organizer, d niyo alam ang importance ng “After Sales Service” YOU! only see the small picture not the big picture,kung business man kayo dapat alam nyo yan, wag kayong tatawa tawa dyan at binabali wala ang comment namin dito, kayo rin:)malalaman nyo rin sinasabi ko:)

  9. I agree on every comments written here, it was really a dis organize… thew traffic jam, the water station, etc…. even the finishers medals given only to the 1st 100 finishers sana man lang nagbigay sila sa lahat ng 10k finishers… ang mahal ng registration ….

  10. matuto kayo sa ibang run event like ckscaa 65th anniversary fun run event nung july, kumpleto sa give aways kung ano yung included sa race kit yun din ang binigay at sobra pa walang kulang:)

  11. Yeah, tama silang lahat… grabe naman kasi talaga ang nangyari sa takbong ito… kumita kayo ngayon, pero di nyo alam ang balik nyan sa inyo…

  12. sorry liz you got stuck in traffic…your not a runner ata. ganoon talaga wrong time, wrong place. as a runner it was a good technical run, hills and more hills… yahoooooo! but regarding the organizer, you failed us where was the drink all you can, luckily san marino & the bar was there doon FREE talaga,3-4 cans & 1 bottle to myself mabuti mababait yun mga product tasters.

  13. @B&C Mafia Runners,I agree with you,kahit kulang ang lootbag dapat kahit papano they should apologize man lang hindi yung ibibilin lang sa isang runner sa site at lumapit sa nakapila, -“sbi pinapasabi daw po ng organizer na ubos na raw” – na wala na raw,ano tingin nila sa atin utusan,or nag panggap na runner yung in charge,d dapat takpan kung wala d wala,d sila kelangan mag tago.:) right now d namin kelangan yung lootbag,ang kelangan lang namin kahit reply man lang sa organizer,kung d nag reply e problema na nila yan:)

  14. @ sayang >>> not because i was stuck in traffic, you’d consider me as not a runner–i am a runner – FYI. that’s the reason why i posted my grudges because I already know in the 1st place that the organizers made a big failure in holding this event.

  15. balita ko sa kabilang blog pwede daw makuha yung d nakakuha ng lootbag sa event sa R.O.X. starting 2pm today.bring your stub lang daw.

  16. how come they put “unknown name” on the race result. I’ve fill up the form completely, I’m disappointed i haven’t seen my name on the list…it’s my first time to join a 5k run and I’m excited to see my name on the listing…shame on the organizer…

  17. it is posted at

    From the organizers of the Adobo Run After Dark last October 30, 2010: (Admin note: Not the exact word though since I’m rephrasing it from a text message and FB posts)

    To those who were not able to claim their loot bags after the event, it will be available for claiming at ROX starting 2 pm. Claiming has started today. Please present the stub when claiming.”

    Read more:

  18. adobo run total participants:

    3k- 222
    5k- 477
    10- 453
    total= 1152

    kakaunti lang participants, d pa ma organize ng maayos, tama nga ang score ng organizer from rate 1 to 10= only 1 lang

    tsk tsk tsk……kakahiya:)

  19. my gosh,after reading all your complaints, its a blessing tlga na hindi kami nag register sa run na ito, gusto ko pa naman sanang i try… buti hindi ako na dissapoint, pero sad rin ako kasi ung mga first timers, baka madala nang mag join, at isiping lahat ng event eh ganito. Just be vigilant, i guess, kung hindi naman tlga benefit run, eh mas maigi tlgang kilalanin muna ung mga organizers bago mag join, medjo mataas kasi ung registration fees, tapos hindi naman pala sulit

  20. i wouldn’t blame this all on the organizer. kalokohan yung race concept – mukhang money-making scheme lang. circulation must be really down these days. never again. failfailfail!

  21. I just got my unclaimed lootbags sa R.O.X
    the fort last sat, well just got an explanation from one of the organizer’s staff d naman pala dapat i blamed sa organizer ang naubusan ng lootbag:)


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