Adobo Run 2010 – Race Results and Photos

Adobo Run 2010 Race Results and photos

Congratulations to those who participated in the Adobo Run 2010 that happend on October 30, 2010. Race Results and Photo Links will be posted here once the organizers released them.

For now please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions about this event here.

Download Race Results Here:
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Adobo Run 2010 – Photos:
Some pictures from

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  1. the worst running experience:
    1. no water station until 4km
    2. cars everywhere while running up and down mckinley hills
    3. not enough lootbag for everyone?
    4. poor lighting

  2. Grabe, after 4k saka pa lang merong water station, tapos ikaw pa ang bahalang sumahod, nyhahaha! tapos wala pa kaming lootbag specially 10k. Ano ba yan…

  3. Grabeh… tama ba un 4km ung 1st water station. ano ba yan, grabe pagtitipid niyo sa mga runners na nagbabayad ng husto. Tapos ang mga friends mo sa ….. todo salo sa mga kapalpakan mo.

  4. This was my first marathon. And I enjoyed it. But was disappointed with the loot bag. Though I did get mine, with the P600 registration, I was expecting more than just a Schick shaver, 2-3 candies, an Adobo mag magnet and the bag…

    Most of the time, even if runners didn’t enjoy the run, the event & organizers may have suffice with the loot bag…

    And one more thing, can you upload the race results ASAP?

    Salamat po!

  5. 1)On the start of the race, did not like the idea of going down hill at all.
    2) Lack of water station, which allowed most runners to serve your own water after passing 3k (for 5k runners)
    3) Most streets were not well lited which can be a potential danger because of uneven pathway.
    4) Cost of registration fee is expensive

  6. this has been posted at Takbo.PH
    “Written by ManokanRunner
    From the organizers of the Adobo Run After Dark last October 30, 2010: (Admin note: Not the exact word though since I’m rephrasing it from a text message and FB posts)

    To those who were not able to claim their loot bags after the event, it will be available for claiming at ROX starting 2 pm. Claiming has started today. Please present the stub when claiming.”

  7. Yan ang problem,marami ng nakawala ng stub sigh,pwede kaya yung racebib #? :) madami ng participants nawala yung stub nung wala nakuha nung araw na yun:)

  8. Race Results:::

    rave — My time as well as with my brother for 10K finish is accurate.

    rant — (1) Ang daming Unknown Finisher sa Race Results? Bakit magkakaroon ng Unknown pero may time sila?
    (2) The actual distance for 10K was 400m longer! and lastly, (3) It took almost 5 days before the race results can be published, yet so many unknown finishers in the list.

  9. Unexpected running experiences:

    1. Lack of water stations.
    2. Cars everywhere while running up and down mckinley hills.
    3. Not enough lootbag(no headcounts for registrants?)
    4. Undetermined running directions.
    5. Very poor lighting.

  10. OMG! this is very disappointing! nopw ko lang nalaman toh! buti nalang di ako nag register sa run na toh!!! small time lang pala ang ADOBO. Sino kasi ang kinuhang organizer? tsk tsk tsk! kawawa mga runners laylay na nga dila ka tatakbo. piniperahan pa.

  11. well kahit papano in fairness,nakuha na namin lootbag sa r.o.x. after the event,at least d kami tinakasan after the complaint.

  12. my concerns for adobo run:

    1. for a fee of P600 I expect to get at least a loot bag, which I did not receive because “they ran out of it” daw. This is simply unacceptable. How would you expect people to join your event the next time around. Ang masama pa dyan, ang dami pang nakapila na tao sa loot bag station at naghihintay at wala man lang tao nila ang may guts magsabi na naubusan na pala. Sana at least inannounce na lang ng maaga sa stage para hindi na naghintay ang mga tao na parang tanga. Sayang yung event, you started with a bang, pero ended on a terrible note.

    2. Not enough water stations. You should have thought of the runners (especially the beginners) and put more water stations on the route.

    3. The route was not properly barricaded. If cars would pass, at least man lang sana may harang kung saan ang mga runners at saan ang mga vehicles.

  13. sa mga runners ng adobo, actually till now pwede pa i claim ang lootbag sa second floor ng R.O.X sa bonifacio high st.,dun sa mga reg ng mga running event, may sign dun ng adobo, last sat kasi nag sign up kami for the next run,nandun pa yung unclaimed lootbag counter.dalhin nyo lang yung claiming tag kung meron pa.


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