Nike+ GPS or Adidas miCoach iPhone and iTouch Application

nike+ GPS iphone appadidas micoach iphone app

The battle for supremacy between Nike and Adidas continue to heat up as both giants brings their fitness tracker Nike+ and miCoach to your mobile.

Nike+ GPS iPhone Application
The Nike+ GPS application is capable of tracking your every run by using the phone internal accelerometer and GPS and inform you about your pace, distance and run route. Sells in the iTunes store for $1.99

nike+ GPS app review

Adidas miCoach iPhone Application
The Adidas miCoach can turn your phone into a personal coach. miCoach uses the phone internal GPS together with real-time coaching to pace you through easy to understand workout zones. It also syncs all your data to the website where you can track your progress. This application is available at iTunes for FREE.

adidas micoach iphone app review

Download your preferred fitness tracker in iTunes now. For me, I’m trying out the Adidas miCoach, since I already own the Pacer and already have an online account with them. How about you?


  1. this is the area where timex is loosing its ground. their ironman series isn't exactly user friendly. seems to me that they aren't targeting the recreational runners. or perhaps they needed to fire the person who is handling their UI. i just find it too technical. between nike and adidas, i choose the latter


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