My First Adidas miCoach Pacer Run


Ever since my first post about Adidas miCoach Fitness Tracker and Personal Coach, I wanted to get my hands on this fitness gadget, and at last I was able to!

As soon as I was able to get hold of it, I immediately took it for a test run for a review. Here is the result of my first run.

adidas micoach workout


I was very amazed that for the first time I was able to see and visualize by the summary on how my heart is working all through out my workout, I was also able to control my workout because the miCoach pacer was giving me real-time feedback on my heart-rate, pace, stride, distance and time, it really helped me determine when to speed-up or slow down to maintain my target heart rate level.

The Heart Rate Monitor and the Stride Sensor is pretty accurate. Though I still don’t own a GPS for outdoor accuracy, I checked this against a treadmill in Fitness First.


Adidas micoach philippines

Adidas micoach pacer

The package comes with the miCoach Pacer, Heart Rate Monitor, Textile Strap for the HRM, Stride Sensor and Lace Clip, USB cable, MP3 Connector Cable, Headphone and the Stride Sensor battery.

One downside is that the sound feedback is a bit low in volume, you would probably need to buy an in-ear earphones for you to take full advantage of this, another downside side that the pacer does not have any real-time visual feedback, so you would have to rely solely on the audio feedback for your workout progress.

Still I can’t wait to take this new toy for a test run at the upcoming Globe Run for Home 2010 marathon.

Adidas miCoach Pacer will be available in the Philippines this March 2010 in Adidas Stores for PHP 6,995.00

Jinoe of also made a review about the Adidas miCoach Pacer, read it here: Adidas miCoach Pacer Product Review


  1. I like the miCoach for training but I don't like using them for a race. The audio coaching is useless when you want to push yourself in a race. Maiinis ka lang when it tells you to slow down. Hehehe…


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