The Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinic Experience

Pain is not a Lifestyle. This is definitely something I learned over the last couple of years of trying to “live” with my chronic back pain. I almost accepted the fact that I will have to live with my situation for the rest of my life… until I finally decided to visit a Chiropractor.

10 Pinoy Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re a Runner

Some of us are guilty of binge scrolling our feed for hours on end - passing through pictures of good food, latest fashion, beautiful travel spots, cute dogs, etc. There are times that browsing too much on social media while not doing any physical activity for too long gives us the so called “tamaditis” where we just get too lazy to run.

How to Prepare Yourself before Finding Mr. Right

As soon as I start joining running events, I also began to see myself as the one character in a story that at the end, I came to realize that the purpose of life is to give it a purpose.

Maggie Wilson-Consunji becomes first Filipina to finish the Antarctic Ice Marathon

The cold did not bring 28-year-old British-Filipina beauty queen, Maggie Wilson, down as she officially became the first Filipina to complete the world’s “World's Southernmost Marathon” otherwise known as the Antarctic Ice Marathon last November.

Spartan Philippines launches Official Obstacle Course Camp

Spartan Philippines conducted an SGX class along with a get together party where participants from the spartan and fitness community took part in for the soft opening of its Obstacle Course Camp (OCC) last Saturday, December 2 at the Spartan Philippines office at the Roof deck, W Building, BGC.

Six Benefits of Running in the Morning

Running is one of the most practical ways to be healthy and fit. You only need your running shoes and clothes, and you’re ready to go. But despite the minimal requirements that running has, most people still struggle with the dilemma of finding time in their busy schedules to squeeze in a run.

Mary Joy Tabal Wins a Historic 5-peat Championship Amidst Tragedy

  Amidst tragedy, Mary Joy Tabal accomplished a 5-peat championship in today’s 41st Milo Marathon National Finals. The 28-year-old Cebuana marathoner finished the race at 2:58:01...

McDonalds “Secret Menu” : In Running and Calories

In case you haven’t heard, McDonald's’ secret menu is out and it’s as mouthwatering as ever. The country’s second largest fast food chain (next to the ever leading Jollibee) is satisfying their customer’s burger craving with the extra ingredients it adds to the plate.




Top 5 Cutest Filipino 2017 SEA Games Medalist

The SEA Games maybe over, but the hype for our medalist don’t need to end right away. This is why our editorial team voted for our top 5 cutest SEA games athletes that brought home pride and honor to our country!

My Story #10: Cyrus Madelar

Hard work, sacrifices and determination... before i was 200 lbs, waistline 38 to 40 inches, I borrowed shoes...


7 Tips on how you can Find more Time to Run

If you make health and fitness a priority, you will find a way to make running a part of your daily routine. Here are tips to help you squeeze in running into your busy schedule!

6 Commandments of Running with a Buddy

Running with a buddy can be so much fun! Enjoy the experience to the fullest by keeping these basic rules in mind.

Exercising But Not Losing any Weight?

Exercising But Not Losing any Weight? Here's a possible reason why.

10 Healthy Things To Eat After Running

After a run session, it’s important that your body replenishes the fluids, carbohydrates, and protein it lost while working out. This will make your body recover faster, ready for you’re the next run.

4 Value-for-Money Gyms Around the Metro

Let’s face it -- being healthy doesn’t come that cheap. From the food that we eat to the equipment/gears that we need, trying to live a fit lifestyle can be really costly; especially in my case since I’m still a student. This brings me to my dilemma in enrolling at a gym.

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