Running with the Saucony Kinvara 4!

One of the best perks for doing my job is that once in a while I get some awesome stuff for review. This time I got to test ride the Saucony Kinvara 4! With 3 available colors for men and 3 colors for women, I set my eyes on the Kinvara 4 Neon Green.

Hydration Problem? No Problem! Get a Caribee Hydration Backpack!

Hydration has always been a problem when training for a Marathon or doing long Bike rides, many times you don’t have the luxury locating a convenience store to stop and re-hydrate

Unlock Your Bike With Your Smartphone with BitLock!

Here's another piece of tech that can make the lives of bikers a bit easier and more hi-tech. Introducing BitLock

Wakeskate at the Banaue Rice Terraces with Brian Grubb

It's amazing how sports and fitness when done properly can bring out the beauty of one of the most beautiful location in the Philippines. The Banaue Rice Terraces.

Check your Fitness Level from Within

“You will never know your limits, unless you PUSH yourself to them”… We run and break new PRs, we Bike and push to new distances, we hit the gym like there’s no tomorrow. We’re fit, we’re strong, and we’re powerful… are we really?

Introducing The FlyKly Smart Wheel for Bikes

I just love how technology and fitness are merging to create new innovative products nowadays! It has always been a common joke or a secret "wish" that someday we can attach an electronic motor wheel behind our bicycles to make us go faster or help us through the tough up-hell routes.

Soleus – The Art of Understanding Runners

"It is only when you run yourself that you can understand what a runner needs..." do you notice the "S" symbol while your running around in races? Yes, that's the Soleus Philippines Family.

Flirtey the future of Race Kit Delivery?

If you normally join fun runs and marathons, then you know the common challenges we go through on securing a race kit, specially on well sought after races.

Fitbit Force Fitness Tracking Watch

Fitbit just recently introduced its Fitness Tracking Watch, the Fitbit Force. The unique feature of the watch is that Force gives you instant access to up-to-the-minute stats through the OLED display.

It’s time to Wear your Passion! Grab the PF Shoe Medal!

Here it is guys! Show to the world your passion for running! Are you a 21K or 42K Runner!? Carry your badge anywhere you go! Introducing the Pinoy Fitness Shoe Medal!

Introducing Recon Jet – I want ONE!

A Google-Glass like device but aimed for the fitness crowd. the Recon Jet can provide a real-time display of your performance like speed, pace, altitude, etc., No need to glance at your watch anymore!

Pinoy Fitness Q4 Shirt Designs – Sneak Peak

Hello Guys! Here's a sneak peak of the upcoming new Pinoy Fitness Limited Edition Shirts for Q4! Let us know what you like so we know how much to produce!

Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge 2013 – Results Discussion

First and foremost, big thanks the Lord for giving us a window of opportunity to have a great race despite the ongoing typhoon. Second, to all the runners who came out to race today despite the unpredictable weather... many thanks!

My Asics 2.0 gives FREE adaptive training plans to runners on Andriod and iOS

Have you upgraded your Apple devices to iOS 7 yet? Then the My Asics 2.0 mobile app can definitely be a great companion for your new mobile OS.