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Isn’t it a bummer when all your hard work and training gets wasted because you suddenly got sick!? Or you failed to hit your PR just because you’re not feeling well on race day!?

I often see a lot of endurance athletes’ pump in lots of Vitamins, Flu Meds and even Antibiotics days before the race in hopes of getting cured before gun start, sometimes it works… often times it doesn’t. Cure is great! But prevention is always better.

Germs can make you sick! And it can be found anywhere, we touch a lot of things every day without realizing if they are full of germs of not.

Here are some tips and reminders on how you can stop Germs!

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1. The most effective way is to always wash your hands properly with soap.

2. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated helps keep the body’s mucus membrane to remain moist so germs have a more difficult time invading the body

3. Get enough sleep. It’s crucial for everyone to build a strong immune system to help fight colds and flu.

4. Supplement yourself with Vitamins and Minerals. Particularly Vitamin C daily to help boost the immune-system. It should be taken as a daily supplement not only when you feel sickly.

5. Lastly Use a Hand Sanitizer. If you can’t wash your hands with soap, having a hand sanitizer ready anytime anywhere can be a lifesaver.

Ok, so here comes my recommendation for what hand sanitizer to use. I am using Hygienix.

Recently, Hygienix launched personal hygiene products with the most innovative anti-bacterial formats that you can bring anywhere anytime. And all products KILL 99.99% OF DISEASE-CAUSING BACTERIA and GERMS.

Hygienix  (4)

So now I have…

Hygienix  (1)
Hygienix in my Car

Hygienix  (2)
Hygienix in my Gym Bag

Hygienix  (3)
Hygienix at my Work Table

Hygienix  (8)
…and Hygienix before you dive into the bowl of tostadas

Full Hygienix Product Line:


Hygienix Anti-bacterial Hand Spray Fresh Defense
Available in 20 mL (SRP 25.00) and 55 mL (SRP 39.50)


Hygienix Ethyl Alcohol 65% Solution
Available in 60 mL (SRP 15.00), 150 mL (SRP 28.00) and 250 mL (SRP 40.00)


Hygienix Anti-bacterial Hand Gel Fresh Defense
Available in 55 mL (SRP 29.00) and 100 mL (SRP 45.00)


Hygienix Anti-bacterial Liquid Hand Soap Active Guard
Available in 30 mL (SRP 45.00)

Hygienix is now available at SM, Robinsons Supermarket, Puregold, Ever Department Store, HBC, The Landmark, Metro Gaisano, Mercury Drug, 7-Eleven and Shopwise.
Don’t let germs bug you down. Grab a Hygienix Today!

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