Berghaus PH made us climb Mt. Batulao… and Back.

Mt. Batulao Media Crew

It was supposed to be just a “leisurely trek” according to the media invite sent to us by Coach Andy Leuterio, together with some selected members of the media, imagine our surprise when we found out that the “leisurely trek” is to actually climb to the peak of Mt. Batulao and back.

Preparing for the Climb

Mt. Batulao Challenge 2013
Berghaus Vapour Claw Shoe
Ready for the climb with Toby Claudio
Ready for the climb with Toby Claudio

Good thing is Berghaus equipped us properly with the Vapor Claw Trail Running Shoe and a moisture wicking Light Blue Tech Shirt to help get us to the peak. Best way to test an outdoor sports equipment is to take it outdoors and climb a mountain right!?

So here we go! Time to Climb!

Mt. Batulao Challenge 2013
At the starting point
Mt. Batulao Challenge 2013
Not so leisurely anymore…
Pit Stop
Pit Stop
We can do this guys!
We can do this guys!
Mt. Batulao Challenge 2013
3 more Peaks to go!
Jeff 1

At the Summit


I’m not an expert in Trail Running or Mountaineering but I can say that the Berghaus Vapour Claw saved me from a lot of possible slipping and sliding while climbing, I was actually impressed by how tight it clings on to the rocks! Good job Berghaus!

Time for some summit photos! We all Made it!

Summit Group Photo 2
Summit Group Photo 2
Summit Group Photo 1
Summit Group Photo 1

Now it’s time to go back

Now, who’s bright idea was it to take the old trail back!? Oh yeah, Coach Andy….

The "Crawl" back to camp
The “Crawl” back to camp
Mt. Batulao Challenge 2013
Wonderful view

Back in Base Camp

DSC_6334 (Large)
We Survived!

That day, the supposed leisurely trek became the “perfect workout”, the trail was tough, but thanks to Berghaus the Vapor Claw took care of me. Also thanks to sir Toby and Tin as well as to Coach Andy Leuterio for this wonderful opportunity.

More Photos of our Great Mt. Batulao Adventure -> Click Here

Aside from the shoes, Berghaus also carry apparel and backpacks and is now available in Toby’s Arena Shangrila, Toby’s Arena MOA, Toby’s Sports Megamall, Toby’s Sports Glorietta 2, Toby’s Sports Ermita, Toby’s Sports North Edsa and RUNNR BHS

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