Run Meet for #YolandaPH Victims



It all started when Marj of Pep Squad Events called me up asking if we can do something to help inline with the recent disaster caused by the Super Typhoon #YolandaPH. How about a RUN MEET? Let’s invite runners to join us for a run and bring donations! I told Marj.

It was a Monday, we’re short on time, unsure if we can put it all together, but somehow we did it. And this post is to thank everyone who made it possible.


First challenge was to find a Venue, since BGC was unavailable that weekend, we’re hoping for CCP, Roxas, Aseana, UP or MOA as our meeting place.

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SM MOA is actually our top choice, but unsure if MOA would allow us to use the place for FREE, it was actually “suntok sa buwan” when we decided to send an email, yet utterly surprised when they replied.

They are more than willing to help! Special thanks to Karlo Magtira of SM MOA and Ernie Encarnacion of CBP we now have a venue to hold the meet up.


Then we opened the registration. And all of you guys came, such an overwhelming sight to see how much the running/fitness community are willing to come together and help in any way they can.


400++ singed-up, 300++ came! We where able to raise 24K++ plus a Truckload of Goods in Kind where we immediately turned over to Lifeline Foundation who also provided the means to transport the goods!


Thank you Happy Del Rosario of Lifeline Foundation and Elmo Alforque for accommodating and helping us get the Goods to the families that needs them!

ambucore-2 (Medium)

Something that might have been less obvious, our partners from AMBUCORE also extended their services and are on standby just in case any of the runners needs medical attention! Thanks Guys!


To Marj and the entire Pep Squad Crew who dedicated their weekend to help us put in all together from registration, baggage and donation collections, you guys are Awesome! And lastly to MLB Road Services who provided us the tents!

We did it guys! No matter how big or how small, we made a difference.

Check out more photos Here:
Pinoy Fitness + Pep Squad Events Run Meet
Pinoy Fitness + Pep Squad Events Run Meet c/o RARMartinez
Pinoy Fitness + Pep Squad Events Run Meet c/o Team aRUNkada

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