A Breath of Fresh Air: Car-Free Mornings in Mandaluyong’s Greenfield District

Discover the transformation of Mandaluyong's Greenfield District into a car-free zone every Sunday morning. This initiative mirrors the successful car-free Sundays on Ayala Avenue and aims to foster a pedestrian-friendly environment, encouraging outdoor activities and family bonding.


Mandaluyong City is pioneering an eco-conscious initiative, transforming a part of the bustling Greenfield District into a car-free haven every Sunday morning. Starting December 3, a segment of Mayflower Street will bid adieu to cars from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., welcoming pedestrians to revel in the greenery and vibrant community spirit unique to the area.

This initiative is reminiscent of the well-received car-free Sundays on Ayala Avenue, marking another step towards sustainable urban living. Greenfield District, known for its green spaces and weekend market, is an ideal setting for such a transformation, offering a serene escape in the heart of Metro Manila.

Residents and visitors are invited to partake in various outdoor activities such as strolling, biking, roller skating, or simply enjoying time with family and pets. This initiative is not only a stride towards environmental sustainability but also promotes mental health and fitness, aligning perfectly with the ethos of our Pinoy Fitness Community.

The car-free zone spans Mayflower Street from United Street to Shaw Boulevard. Motorists interested in joining the pedestrian experience can park at Soho Central, Zitan, Pavilion Mall, Mayflower Parking, and Greenfield Tower.


This car-free initiative will continue indefinitely, signaling Mandaluyong City’s commitment to creating more pedestrian-friendly spaces.

It’s a promising sign for those advocating for such initiatives in other areas of the city. As more places adopt this approach, it could significantly enhance the quality of urban life, promoting health, reducing pollution, and fostering community spirit.


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