4 Reasons I Decided to Join PF SUB1 10K Challenge

Running a SUB1 10K is a real challenge, especially for runners who just started during the pandemic.


Running a SUB1 10K is a real challenge, especially for runners who just started during the pandemic. I, myself, started running two years ago, amid the strict quarantine period and, since then, my goal has been to run faster each time.

Why race, and why now?

As lockdown protocols ease up, there has been couple of races lined up for the remainder of this year and now I feel like it is the best time to push and challenge myself to go for that SUB1 10K along with other racers. Each runner has their own personal reasons, but let me share with you the reasons why I decided to join this year’s Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge:

1. Personal goal

This is the main reason why I decided to join this year’s PF SUB1 10K. To challenge myself that I’ll be able to do a 10KM in 1 HOUR for my first ever race. I was able to hit my first sub30 5K just this year and a SUB1 10K has been a real struggle as an additional 5K is actually difficult while maintaining at least a 6min/km pace.

I’m not doing it to impress anyone, to beat a friend’s personal best, or just because others are doing it. I’m doing this because I really want to and I know that I can. You can use this as your own motivation to challenge yourself as well. Put in the time and effort in training to break your personal records eventually.


2. It’s my first actual race

Being a “pandemic runner” (general term for runners who picked up the sport during the COVID-19 pandemic), all the races that I have joined were done virtually. This, as you know, was because of the postponements brought by restrictions.

Now that race events are slowly coming back this year, I decided to make the PF SUB1 10K challenge as my very first race. Time to push myself to the limit and break boundaries, and I can’t wait to know what it feels like to cross an actual finish line.

3. Regain Fitness

The pandemic got me out of shape so as soon as restrictions were lightened, I decided to run to keep myself fit and healthy. I’ve only been running 5K up to 10K for two years now and ever since, I felt better than I have ever been. Heck, running 10K even made me quit smoking and it’s a pretty good feeling. Now it’s time to test my fitness during a real road race.

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4. To Stay Motivated

Lastly, I want to motivate myself to take on the challenge so that I can continue improving in this sport. Breaking the SUB1 10K barrier wouldn’t be an easy task, but I know that if I put in the hard work and the proper mindset, it’s possible even if I just started running.

To everyone who is reading this, today is always the best that time to take control of your fitness. On days that you don’t feel like running or doing anything at all, that is the time that you must push yourself more to get up and move. Trust me, you’ll surely feel a whole lot better afterwards. Time to set a new goal, time to take on a new challenge. Want to join me for the PF SUB1 10K Challenge?


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