9 Fitness-related Netflix Shows to Watch


Quarantined at home and not being able to enjoy the workouts we used to like has driven most fitness enthusiasts into a corner filled with a mix of feelings of unease and yearning for their old lifestyle comforts.

Being able to go to the gym and exercising outdoors has been long out of the picture since the quarantine started. And with the way this pandemic has impacted society, it doesn’t seem like it will go back to the way the fitness community remembers it pre-pandemic days.

The ways people have coped with the feelings of loss and anxiety caused by the lockdown have been a creative mix of trying out new food and beverage recipes and workout challenges on social media, among other things. And of course, this is not counting out on Netflix binging for coping.


With a thousand choices for shows to watch, which specific shows can fitness enthusiasts watch that can help ease their longing for their old lifestyles and, simultaneously, teach them more about fitness and health? Check out our picks for you, here:


1. Limitless

A light and insightful documentary on the self-esteem impacts of running on the women in India. Enjoy loving references to running, and not only its health-improving benefits but its emotional value, as well.

2. 2,215

Where ‘Limitless’ talked about personal journeys to healing and empowerment, ‘2,215’ is a story about famous Thailand rockstar Artiwara Kongmalai, better known as Toon Bodyslam, and his 2,215-kilometer run to raise funds for 11 public hospitals in his home country.

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3. 100 meters

‘100 Meters’ is a Spanish movie about the true story of a man who was diagnosed with a degenerative disease called multiple sclerosis. Upon getting diagnosed, Ramon, the hero of the story, fought to overcome this debilitating disease and the other obstacles of living with it.

4. I am Maris

Eating disorders are important issues that are not as openly talked about in the Philippines as they should be. But whether you suffer from eating disorders or not, ‘I am Maris’ is both an educational and inspiring story of yoga teacher Maris’ journey with battling and healing from mental health concerns with her practice.

Training and competing

5. The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest in the World

If you’re a fan of CrossFit and, in turn, of watching CrossFit competitions like the local Manila Throwdown, you will find an appreciation for ‘The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest in the World’. Watch and learn about how the games are directed, the global participants, and the prestige of being called by the CrossFit community the ‘fittest in the world’.

6. Icarus

Bryan Fogel’s award-winning documentary ‘Icarus’ explores and details how doping is practiced by athletes, and eventually lead to the uncovering of Russia’s alleged attempts to cheat in international sports competitions like the Olympics for years.

Diet and nutrition

7. The Game Changers

Citing the successes of various performance athletes in their field of sport, ‘The Game Changers’ is a documentary film that seeks to prove the benefits of a plant-based diet. Apart from demonstrating the benefits of adopting a vegan diet, the documentary also aims to point out the disadvantages of incorporating meat and meat products in one’s diet.

8. The Magic Pill

Due to various testimonials online, the Ketogenic diet steadily gained popularity in the local fitness scene as a weight management solution. But apart from helping manage one’s weight, the Ketogenic diet is also being studied for its benefits in the management of degenerative and cognitive illnesses. ‘The Magic Pill’ demonstrates how the specific diet has been beneficial in managing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even autism and preventing dementia.

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9. Forks Over Knives

Similar to ‘The Game Changers’, ‘Forks Over Knives’ also aims to highlight the advantages of eating plant-based, whole foods, as opposed to eating meat and meat products. Utilizing a heavily scientific approach, the diet documentary not only demonstrates these benefits but also aims to challenge the existing paradigms for healthy diets that institutions currently uphold.

Want to hit a 2-punch combo of working out and Netflix binging? How about giving our Netflix Workout Challenge and let us know how you go at it?


  1. I recently discovered the Netflix show “Informer” and I’m absolutely hooked! The mix of fitness and drama is so well done and it’s great to see strong female characters leading the way. I’ve already recommended it to my friends and family. Thanks for sharing this list, I’m excited to check out some of the other shows on here!


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