Netflix Workout Challenge


With a lot of time on our hands and a thousand shows to watch or catch up on, Netflix has got us tied down on the couch, burritoing in bed.

A lot of us are guilty of the lie, “I’ll just watch one more episode”, lately – especially if the show is a banger. It takes one good story to get you focused and falling down a rabbit hole of binging. Before you know it, you’ve ended a whole series – and fallen into the gutter and hit a low in terms of physical health.

And that’s dangerous, all the more so, because staying healthy is important in staving off a killer virus that’s currently going around. Are we saying that you should stop watching and focus on working out? No, not totally.

While watching Netflix, how about you get moving while you’re at it? Yes, it can be done, and here are a few workouts you can do while you enjoy your Crash Landing On You marathon:


Rules: Choose 1 workout every minute of the movie or series you are watching, if you finish the workout before 1 minute, take a rest and prepare for the next. The longer you watch, the fitter you get.

If you decide to take on the challenge, tag us @pinoyfitness


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