MILO Marathon 2024: Full Race Schedule and Locations Unveiled

From Manila to Cagayan de Oro, the Milo Marathon 2024 is charting a course for runners nationwide. Find out where and when!


Celebrating six decades of athletic triumphs and enduring commitment to fitness, MILO Active Pilipinas is set to ignite the competitive spirit of the nation with its National Marathon 2024. As a testament to its legacy, the MILO Marathon enters its 60th year with the promise to ‘Bring Out the Champion in Every Filipino’. This year’s race schedule is a reflection of MILO’s vision for a robust and inclusive sporting community.

The marathon series will commence on April 7, traversing the diverse landscapes of Laoag, Batangas, and Mandaue, offering runners the opportunity to challenge themselves amidst the beauty of these locales. Manila, the country’s bustling capital, will host the event on April 28, inviting urban dwellers to lace up and hit the ground running in what promises to be a thrilling urban marathon.

As the seasons change, so does the marathon’s backdrop, with Puerto Princesa’s scenic routes awaiting participants on May 12. The picturesque city of Legazpi then takes the baton on June 2, ensuring that the spirit of the marathon burns as fiercely as the iconic Mayon Volcano.

The marathon’s journey continues through to the ‘Ber’ months, known for the start of the festive season in the Philippines. Runners will set their pace in the verdant landscapes of Cavite (Vermosa) on September 22 and then in the culturally rich city of Tagbilaran on September 29. The series carries on to Roxas on October 6, weaving through the ‘Seafood Capital of the Philippines’.


As the marathon forges ahead, Iloilo invites racers on October 20 to experience its blend of urban and rural marathon routes, followed by Bacolod on October 27, where participants can experience the city’s vibrant energy. General Santos steps into the spotlight on November 10, challenging runners to push their limits, while Davao, the ‘Durian Capital’, beckons athletes on November 17 to partake in its lush routes.

As the year nears its end, the marathon makes its way to Tarlac on November 24, setting the stage for the grand finale in Cagayan de Oro on December 1. The ‘City of Golden Friendship’ will not only host the National Finals but also exemplify the unity and camaraderie that the MILO Marathon has fostered over the decades.

The 2024 MILO Marathon is not merely a series of races; it is a celebration of the Filipino spirit, a testament to the resilience and strength of athletes from all walks of life. Whether a seasoned marathoner or a first-time racer, MILO invites you to be a part of this historic event, to run, to compete, and to emerge as the champion you are destined to be.

2024 MILO Marathon Race Dates and Locations:

  • April 7: Laoag, Batangas, Mandaue
  • April 28: Manila
  • May 12: Puerto Princesa
  • June 2: Legazpi
  • September 22: Cavite (Vermosa)
  • September 29: Tagbilaran
  • October 6: Roxas
  • October 20: Iloilo
  • October 27: Bacolod
  • November 10: General Santos
  • November 17: Davao
  • November 24: Tarlac
  • December 1: Cagayan de Oro (National Finals)

Registration is now open, register via

As MILO marks its 60th anniversary, the National Marathon 2024 is a beacon of sportsmanship and the undying Filipino spirit. Lace up, take your mark, and prepare to bring out the champion within at the MILO Marathon 2024.

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