Virtual Workouts to Keep You Fit While Under Quarantine


Guys, we get it: you feel incomplete if you didn’t get to do your daily run. Unfortunately with the current enhanced community quarantine implemented in whole Luzon, we may have to wait until April 12th for us to be able to log in mileage on the pavements. In the meantime, you may opt to jog in place while watching thew news; or this may be the time to do cross training workouts that would improve your running performance.

Thankfully, the fitness community is full of wonderful, generous people who are willing to share their time and expertise by posting workout videos ONLINE for FREE! These workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment required!

Check out the list we have gathered(UPDATED AS OF MARCH 19, 2020 9AM):

Yoga and Pilates


1. Yoga Plus PH –
2. I Go Beyond Yoga –
3. Way at the Grove –
4. Rianna Gatus –
5. OneLife Studio Pilates –
6. Pranalaya Yoga –
7. Paul Leonido-


1. F45 Mandaluyong on Instagram –
2. Pretty Huge Obstacles –
3. Rodson Santos on Facebook –
4. Unbounded Progressive Fitness-
5. OptimumPH Fitness Center-
6. Segovia Strength Training-

Youtube Channels

1. Fitness Blender –
2. –
3. Patricia Gatus –


1. Nike Training Club –
2. Down Dog App –

Instagram Accounts

1. Suns Out Fitness –
2. Under Armour PH –

Last but not the least, our growing community at Pinoy Fitness Community has runners posting their makeshift home workouts to keep them sane:


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