6 Everyday Objects You Can Use To Workout


Let’s face it – gym memberships can put a strain on our budget. And even when we can afford it, our busy lifestyles prevent us from going to the gym as often as we want to. With some creative thinking, you can turn these everyday objects into workout equipment. Not only are these affordable, you can now exercise anytime, in the comforts of our own home.

1. Water Bottles and Canned Goods

These can function as dumbbells. Instead of water, you can fill empty water bottles with soil or sand. You can use these for bicep curls, shoulder presses, hammer curls, or rows.


2. Basketball

An alternative to the medicine ball, you can use this to make lunges, squats, v-ups, and crunches more challenging than usual.

3. Stairs

Repeatedly walking up and down a flight of stairs (especially if you live in an apartment or low-rise condo with no elevator) is a great cardio workout. Take this to the next level by filling a backpack with a couple of books and strapping the pack to your shoulders as you take on each step.

4. Chair

You can use this for tricep dips, planks, seat taps, or leg raises – just make sure it’s sturdy.

5. Kitchen Counter

You can squeeze in a few push-ups while you’re in the kitchen.

6. Fabric Conditioner/5L Water Bottle

These bottles could function as kettlebells and can be used for kettlebell swings, rows, goblet squats, high pulls, and deadlifts, among others.


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