Fitness and Drones: The future of Fitness Photography is Here


Fitness and Drones: The future of Fitness Photography is Here

There is no question that technology has ruled over the world today. It has gradually impacted the lives of many to the point that it continues to dictate their lives everyday. While there are good and bad sides to everything, technology today, specifically drones, has brought out the future of fitness in today’s times, and it’s advantages go beyond more than you think.

Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology popularly known as DJI is known for their drones that capture aerial photography and videography. In partnership with MSI-ECS a press conference was held at Enderun College, DJI showcased their new technologies such as the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and Osmo Mobile Silver. The world leader in aerial and imaging technology isn’t just stopping there as it continues to innovate outdoor activities around the scope of sports and fitness.

In relation to sports and fitness, technologies like drones have the ability to capture the beauty of it all. Like in marathon events where there is no better way to apprehend or seize the crowd or the event as a whole. It brings out advanced photography that one cannot capture by just a click of their own cameras or smartphones.


Meanwhile, in active sports, drones are used as a tool to review live action technicalities or even play-by-plays. Nothing’s better than watching team highlights or reviews in an angle that one cannot capture through a regular camera, no matter how equip it may be. Drones have helped advance and upgrade sports technology in a sense that it has given the game a better view from miles above not only for those part of professional leagues but for its viewers as well.

Most importantly, it’s great how people get to go outdoors to experience and equip such technology. We all have witnessed ourselves being glued to our smartphones, ipads, computers and etc, to the point that we forget to live life, but these drones are extraordinary. They make us want to go out for a hike or even for a long walk whether at the beach or by the streets to capture the beauty of our very own nature.


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