Training for my Dream Marathon


Doing a full marathon has always been on my bucket list, the thought of running for 6 straight hours or more still scares me, but a few months ago, I finally took that leap of faith and registered for the upcoming TBR Dream Marathon that’s scheduled to take place on February 24, 2012 @ Nuvali.


It was supposedly a Marathon for beginners, for 1st time or 2nd time Marathoners, that concept itself should have elevated my fears away, but since I was part of the Photo Coverage crew of 2012 TBR Dream Marathon, I knew that no matter how friendly the race course could be, it can never be finished my someone who did not train for it.

Ever since the day that I signed up for the race, I’ve increased the amount of my training time. My longest distance so far was a half-marathon; I’ve been preparing to go beyond the 21K mark possibly early January 2013.

I’ve been pushing myself to get a good half-marathon time first, so far my personal best was 2:15 at the recently concluded Unilab Run United Philippine Marathon that happened last October 28, 2012.


As I push to break limits, I often noticed that there will be days that I simply felt too exhausted to continue my workouts, and a coach friend advised me to always listen to my body, to rest because I might be experiencing sports fatigue.

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He told me that we really cannot totally eliminate sports fatigue, but the effects can be lessened by taking enough sleep and proper nutrition.

I started taking his advice and lessened my Facebook time and converting them to sleep instead, I also started to make healthier food choices, and I also took a second look at the vitamins I consume.
I like my vitamins to be simple, just enough vitamin B and C to keep me going… but since I’m more active now, I started looking if there’s an alternative vitamin I can add to my nutrition.

And, Look what I found!


Seems like UNILAB just recently released a product specifically to help support individuals who lives an active lifestyle, a vitamin supplement that helps build your stamina, boost energy and immunity to help battle sports fatigue, it’s called Enervon Activ! Talk about timing.

I checked in the site of Enervon Activ, and found a lot of interesting stuff about:

“Enervon Acitv is designed to help combat sports fatigue. It has:
• Panax Ginseng, which supports energy reserves and increases alertness in the body
• Royal Jelly to decrease fatigue and increase oxygen consumption
• Vitamin B-complex which facilitates conversion of food to energy
• Antioxidants A, C, E, and Zinc, which help repair the immune system’s cells that get damaged from strenuous training” – Enervon Active Website

I just recently bought a pack and I’m upgrading my vitamin supplement, let’s see how it affects my training in the next few weeks! Wish me luck guys!

See you on the road!

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  1. @jeromeismyname bro not bad nga yung 2:38 pero ang bad eh kung related ba yung products mo sa PR mo… i think that’s another thing… :-)


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