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Congratulations to everyone who Danced for Life last August 11, 2012 at Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill! It was really a fun-filled and an event that is full of energy! A first of its kind, 3-hours of non-stop dance marathon participated by people of all ages where proceeds will go to Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.’s initiatives. Congrats!

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Dance 4 Life – A Dance Marathon for a Cause
August 11, 2012 @ 5PM
Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill

Results: (We are all Winners!)

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  1. Thank You and Congratulations to the Organizers! We had a BLAST.. looking forward for the next Dance Marathon.. we will dance again to HELP..

  2. In behalf of Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc, we sincerely thank you for supporting Dance4Life and in that, helping us change and empower people’s lives! To all the runners who danced yesterday…you are kings and queens of the road and of the dance floor! Everybody dance now! Pinoy Fitness, thank you so much for helping us spread the word about D4L and for covering our event. You,guys, ROCK!

  3. buti pala di ako sumali… puro girls baka mapagkamalan din akong girl =P haha! pero sayang, i missed some nice booties and some pretty faces ^_^

  4. sabi ko na nga e….mostly pang bellestar dancers ang mga steps otherwise hindi makakakeep up ang karamihan….I remember sa FF kasi may dance marathons din every 3 months ata….ganitong ganito din…ansaya….pero yung sa talagang serious dancing….dapat purely hip-hop yung 3 hours….yun ang malufett…hehehe pero its nice to know you guys had fun :)

  5. It was fun. The only problem is that the choreographer should be a little elevated, cant see the footwork or steps at the back. Nangawit leeg ko. Tapos ang dami pang steps na ginagawa, complicated steps para sa mga nasa likod kasi di gano makita footwork.
    Yung HipHop lang ang OK. Very clear and simple steps. I enjoyed it.

  6. @toots:

    eh di ba mas maganda kung puro girls kaysa boys. hmmm . . . :-D

    @Robin Alejo:

    sa star margarine, iba na ang matangkad. :-D

  7. @linsanity

    no way bro i’d rather bond with men and dance like one, than dance like a ballerina around hundreds of girls. hehe!

    are you even a dude? didn’t you read my post? i said i regret that i missed booties and pretty faces. what could go more gay than a guy trying to sniff out another guys sexuality. maybe you’re interested at me. hmmm… that’s just gay =P

    no offense bro. i believe in the freedom of expression but not when it’s judgmental and simply out of context.

    oh i know what you’ll be thinking next. i’m too defensive. crap. i rest my case bro. peace! =)


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